Three poems by Jaydeep Sarangi

Jaydeep Sarangi

Green Garden

This green garden of colours and sounds, has been
Our teacher and the head of the family of
Shadows and sicknesses,
Long cherished hopes,  heavy hearts
Wet in untimely  rain.

It has some native plants, taste buds leak
Honey bees have their days with
Herbs and flowers.


Someone told me
When I was born
Relationships are made in heaven. I walked
Several miles.  Struggled hard to touch one.

Each relationship has energy,
Positive strength. The wheel turns.
Negative strength. I fight a battle.

All about power. All depend on how
I  shape that power into action.

I touch a bud
It becomes a flower. Thorns prick my
Fingers. I bleed.


Shall I pass you a hammer?
D you want me to carry it for you?
Write a letter
Script your letter on stars.
When you go out for hunting
I’ll hold the hammer  for sometime

You break all norms
With one strike. I follow.

You paste white powder to paint your black body
I’ll hold the hammer for you.

The hammer rules the day.
A sinful mind becomes a rose
When a hammer kisses its petals.

It creates a black hole
Where all bodies have motion.