Poetry: Pranita Lele

Pranita Lele
Splendour in the Sand: Dubai's Miracle Garden

In the arid expanse of Dubai's domain,
A wondrous sight defies the plain,
 Where golden dunes stretch far and wide, 
A lush oasis where dreams abide.

It was one of those places, you shake your head,
 Who even thinks of such a thing, they said.
Where summer tops almost fifty degrees Celsius high,
 A marvel conceived under the scorching sky.

Lost in the Garden, like Alice in Wonderland, 
I wandered, adrift in awe, where dreams began.
 Flowers bloom in a vibrant array,
 A surreal oasis, where time gently slips away 

Miracle Garden, a floral display,
A million flowers on full array
Blooms with colors bold and bright, 
A breathtaking, vibrant sight.

Once barren sands now burst with green,
In this unlikely, arid scene,
 A testament to human care, 
A floral haven blooms so rare.

Sunflowers stand with marigolds,
Tulips, calendulas unfold
 Roses blush in petunia's light, 
A garden blooming through the night.

Amidst floral archways, sculptures high,
 A fairy tale unfolds beneath the sky.
Cartoon figures, animals grand, 
A floral wonder in the sand.

Recycled waters feed this dream,
Energy saved, as flowers gleam.
 With drip irrigation's gentle touch, 
A miracle that's grown so much.

Visitors from near and far, 
A slice of Eden, like a star.
Marvel at this blooming show, 
In Dubai’s desert, flowers grow.

Romantic hearts and Disney's cheer,
 Find solace in this floral sphere. 
The only rule that's held so dear, 
Leave the blooms, let them be here.

This green marvel, a sweet surprise, 
In a land where heat reigns high.
 Nature's resilience, human strives, 
Crafting life from desert's harsh skies.

A poignant sign of nature’s power,
A miracle in each flower
 Flourishing in unlikely places, 
A testament to nature's graces.

As we marvel at this sight,
 Reflect on our impact day and night.
Will we nurture, or let it cease?
 What's your choice for earth's green peace?

Dialogue with Nature: A Question-Answer Session

In nature's embrace, where healing flows,
 Do you feel the whispers of ancient trees?
 Yes, they whisper of timeless wisdom and serenity.

Like a gentle breeze that kisses your brow,
 Does nature's touch bring calmness? 
Surely, it brings peace here and now.

Tell me, do the leaves that gently sway, 
Whisper secrets of the day? 
Indeed, they quietly convey, in their dance, a hidden ballet.

Amidst their petals, red and fair,
 What do roses with thorns declare? 
Strength and resilience, beyond compare.

In fields of gold where daffodils sway, 
What do they symbolize, do you say?
 Happiness, cheer, and positivity's array.

With climbers and hanging plants, in nature's embrace, 
What symphony of growth do they command with grace?
 They reach for the sky and weave a verdant tale.

In my garden, a dancing flower in a pot on the sill, 
Does it brighten mornings with its colours that fill?
 It greets the sun with radiant joy and blooming thrill.

In their sturdy trunks, stories unfold, 
Why are oaks and teaks valued more than gold? 
Truly for their resilience in storms and benevolence untold.

In the babbling brook that journeys on,
 Do you see resilience? 
Yes, the strength to carry burdens until they're gone

Like the steadfast mountains, strong and tall, 
What does nature's presence remind us? 
To stand firm, as we can rise above it all.

Like the sunset painting the sky with hues, 
Does nature's beauty inspire?
 Undoubtedly, it chases away the blues.

In the rhythm of waves upon the shore,
 Do you hear echoes of peace?
 Yes, they whisper of calm and so much more.

Like the stars that blanket the night above,
What does nature's constancy remind us? 
Indeed, of enduring love.

When the morning sun kisses the dancing flower's face,
 What symphony of colors does it embrace?
 Positively, a vibrant grace.
In the tender petals of a blooming flower, 
Do you find hope? 
Indeed, tenderly unfolding hour by hour.

So in nature's embrace, where sufferings end,
 Does it bring comfort and peace that transcends?
 Yes, we find solace, around every bend.

Bio: Pranita Lele is a seasoned educationist with over three decades of experience, including roles as Head of the Economics Department and influential administrative positions in international settings such as Bahrain and Dubai. As Adjunct Faculty with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Dubai Chapter, she showcases her expertise. Her insightful contributions have been featured in national and international papers, notably in Business World Magazine, reflecting her analytical prowess in economic intricacies. She is also an accomplished editor of several books and a published author of the book "Positively Yours: Tales from a Nani," available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other platforms.


  1. Beautiful poems. You capture the summer subtleties with grace.

  2. Excellent poems. . The Dialogue with Nature is a unique composition. Waiting for more from this poet

  3. Congratulations Pranita! You've done it again. Hoping to see an anthology soon.

  4. Wow! Amazing work

  5. Congratulations Pranita!You've done it again. Hoping to see an anthology soon.

  6. Amazing content. Just beautifully scripted to encompass the subtle emotions from a reader's perspective.. Artistically complete

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  12. Beautifully penned!
    With it's vivid description, I am in total admiration of the Miracle Garden!
    Loved the tercet as a questionnaire with it's befitting replies.

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  14. Thanks to all for the motivating words 🙏

    1. Philomena Menezes 14 July 2024. Another feather in your cap dear Pranita! Awesome poems !A feast to our eyes & mind. Keep soaring high!

  15. Praneeta as always you have captured the essence of Dubai! Both the poems reflect your love for a city that has blossomed over the years to the shining example it is today. Applauding your efforts and wishing you many many more.

  16. As always you have captured the essence of Dubai which reflects your love for the city. Continue to pen your thoughts. Wish you success all the way!

  17. As always you have captured the essence of Dubai reflecting your love for the city. You have always had a way with words.Wish you success all the way.


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