Rameshwer Singh रामेश्वर सिंह

रामेश्वर सिंह
As I have always mentioned, surgery and poetry are my passions.

Surgery is my profession also. I may do surgery anytime. Sometimes in deep hours of night, sometimes even after being exhausted. God always resides in  heart. During surgery many a time finds oneself in a difficult situation. Some moments of patience then everything settles in easy flow of God destined actions.

I am not alone, it may be true for every surgeon. It is Divine.

Poetry occurs to me at intense moments. It is not I can compose anytime. God is always here in heart.

I am to be in a Spiritual trance state A Divine  feeling evolves, a thought illuminates, words start appearing in mind, poetry conceives and then through stages it develops  into a poem.When it would occur to me I have no control of. I may be at a railway station or at an airport, at a  marriage ceremony or at a funeral, listening a song or seeing a movie, during surgery or talking to a  patient or being alone. God is always here in heart. God destined intense emotions may wet me thoroughly any time.

Again I am not alone, it may be true for every poet. It is Divine too.