Poetry: Vic Bermejo

Vincente Bermejo Jr.
Final Farewell To My Friend

Aloft o’er the meadows the white dove flies
To sow the seeds of peace high in the skies
That in the Lord’s own time they may descend
On souls and hearts that wicked climes hardened.

Radiantly shines the great Ursa Major’s
Northern beacon to our beloved shores.
Ever beaming, untiringly guarding
Yonder Baggao, the native home of Bing.

Verdant, upright, robust mahogany
Intone your fair ‘tho sad testimony,
Cast your shadow, spread it all around
To cool your heated patch of hallowed ground.

Open your eyes, bold Aquila legis,
Render upon yourself proper justice!
Break the silence that conceals what is true,
Inspire us to be firm and brave like you!

Now that our God beckoned Bing to His side
Grief rends our hearts, with wounds so deep and wide;
Prayers may console but won’t return our loss,
All we can do is take and bear this cross.

Dear Bing, my friend, brother and wise mentor
I shall forever cherish our rapport.
Life was not fair to your private accord—
Lie, then, at rest, in the arms of the Lord!


Through the Mist

God, our heavenly Father,

You endowed Bing with the best of blessings:
          profound wisdom,
          a happy family,
          great opulence and
          immense capacity to love.

Unselfishly Bing wanted to share these gifts
          with all, none excluded,
          for his charity knew no bounds.
In search for Your sanction
          he broadly spread love and harmony.

Bing wandered widely
          but reached no place with lasting peace;
He sought brotherly love
          but found an abundance
of shady, mendacious hearts;
He wanted to feel and be felt
          but was met with numbness;
He offered to make sense
          but was left in the cold;
In his attempts to reason out
          he only met despair.

O God, with deific compassion
          You decided to summon Bing
          to Your own pacific chambers.

We who knew him realized
          that this wretched world no longer
          deserves to keep such a man as Bing—
          the most loving son,
             wonderful husband,
             perfect father,
             doting grandfather,
             kindest of kin,
             dedicated friend,
             committed ally,
             blameless associate,
             brilliant lawyer
                we’ve ever known,
                highly respected
      and deeply loved.

Gradually we will come to accept
          that we no longer share   
          this existence with our beloved.
Thankfully he left us
with delightful memories
that we can share and cherish
‘til You, o heavenly Father
should decide to reunite us.

We realize that Bing is now in a world 
          where justice reigns without need for legality;
          where his quest for righteousness and peace
             is at long last fulfilled;
          where he is perpetually happy in the sala
             of the omnipotent Eternal Judge.

God, our Father,

          Thank you for taking him there!

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