Poetry: Srishti Sharma

Srishti Sharma

- Srishti Sharma

Earth Day

Earth day is a special one,
As it gives us soil, water and sun,
The earth does not let us starve,
Till it has its spark,
Let us not make it dry,
Otherwise it will make us die,
Let’s plant more trees,
It will make the earth reap.
Let’s plant trees,
It will make home,
For you and me,
Let’s save water,
It would only be less hotter.
Try to reuse and recycle,
For a healthier,
Environment cycle.
This is our Earth,
And not a waste,
Take care of it,
Before it becomes a ‘waste’.


The empty jungles have rendered fears,
And the,
Blue skies are not clearer,
The skies used to shine once,
With the bright stars,
Spread like a sheet,
But now they are,
Obscured by the pollution’s haze,
The seas and rivers,
With sparkling water,
And fish in abundance,
The floors now white,
With the heavy pollution’s plight,
The trees,
Went up and high above,
The trees are nowhere to be seen,
The trees converted to papers,
Have teamed up with pollution,
It’s all about what we give to earth,
And what we get back,
Let’s not just take a vow,
On this Earth Day,
Make it a habit,
Of planting a new tree,
Every while we cut it.

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