My World and Images

By Stacey O’Driscoll

I always had a love of drawing and painting from an early age. I started having a connection with nature when I was taken for woodland walks and trips to the beach as a child. I studied art at school but since then I just paint when I feel like it. I like to paint landscapes and also like to paint people with interesting features, among other subjects.

I’m a thirty five year old single mother of three, Ayo aged 14, Isaiah aged 12 and Miya aged 11. I got very depressed when Isaiah developed a serious illness as a little baby, which resulted in cerebral palsy. Life was extremely difficult and I have struggled with severe depression ever since then. Now I am feeling better and somewhat more positive about life than I have been in a long time.

I like to paint with oils, acrylics and watercolours mainly and several of my pieces are mixed media. Red and black can, for me, express the pain of depression and painting helps me feel alive and it alleviates the pain I feel. When I’m deep in my art it’s an escape for me and feels liberating. At times I don’t feel like painting or doing much, but occasionally I like to paint when I’m at a low ebb. When I’m engrossed in my art it helps in expressing my feelings and gives me a positive focus.

Some of my images here are my interpretations of art works by Vincent Van Gogh and Cicely Mary Barker. I can identify with some of Van Gogh’s dark paintings while Barker’s images capture my imagination with depictions of fairies and flowers. When I’m feeling down I can be uplifted and distracted by painting but there are times when I don’t feel inspired, I don’t take out my brushes until I feel the urge to do so.

I also like to try to keep busy doing crafts, singing, gardening, and cooking and I relax by listening to music. I’ve joined mental health support groups where those attending are non judgmental and we enjoy having a laugh together, sharing our stories and offering each other mutual support.

My family are my rock and I feel very supported by their understanding and help, practically and emotionally. My life has been very difficult dealing with everything but I feel more upbeat now and try to take things one day at a time.

Bio: Stacey O’Driscoll is a single mother of three and lives in Co’ Cork, Ireland. Life has not been easy for her, she likes to sketch and paint to help deal with her depression.

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  1. Wonderful work !! the colors are used beautifully in each of your painting, they seem alive in some way. Well done.


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