Editorial: Special edition

Sunil Sharma
We are delighted to present the special edition---the second anniversary of the e-journal that caters to serious writing in Hindi and English both by discovering fresh voices, along with the established ones and combining them with the re-publication of the age-defying classics within each issue.
It is a right but an eclectic mix of the old and new in a continuum.
Bit of re-winding
The Pittsburgh-based author and IT expert, Anurag Sharma, in 2016, decided to launch a bilingual magazine that covers two important literatures happening in India and English-speaking world on a monthly basis for those consumers interested in quality. After a couple of long-distance calls and video conferences, the format and content were decided for a magazine that was mainly literary in orientation, along with an underlying liberal-humanist approach and an agenda that is keen on interrogating the status quo and ushering the avant-garde in an artistic space being commercialized fast, thanks to globalization that has turned economies into a gigantic market only, united by a common hunger for super profits; rapid automation and digitalization, and, anti-labour policies. Downsizing was the norm rather than being a dirty world in a scenario where everybody was replaceable.
Big capital in its predatory nature!
Therefore, the only avenue available of resistance was through writing.
We wanted that questioning tone and temperament for Setu, instead of sci-fi, horror, soft porn, fantasy and vampires!
Something fundamental, solid, pro-Enlightenment, not post.
Language as a medium, not as a self-reflexive tool for an inward-looking subjectivity, detached from community and society; self preoccupied with terror, inner or outer, or, a syntax and reality born out of a limited consciousness and personality.
Over the months, that aim has not changed. Not every writer, of course, is radical. The appeal of the subversion is not strong for many interested in selling in mass market and wealth and official recognition.
We had to balance both. As editors, we encourage the emerging innovators and provide a welcoming home to them, otherwise neglected by the conservative space within the culture industry.
That objective continues in the second year of publication from Pittsburgh, USA, and will sure extend in future.
The name Setu designates a bridge.
We are that modest bridge connecting cultures and geographies and through recognizing top talents world-wide through annual e-certificates.
In this bumper edition you will discover a rich diversity of thoughts, styles and forms --- plurality of voices originating in different cultural and physical geographies, mapping out new contours of consumerism that has brought new dangers to the very civilizational foundations of humankind.
These writers nudge in new directions. They deal with emerging topographies of changing landscapes of mind, spirit and body.
And then we have--- Maxim Gorky!
His stories are revelatory and time-defying. A writing no longer found in a glutted market for the ephemeral and sensational.
On this occasion, we acknowledge the contribution of our valued patrons---readers and writers. We remain grateful to each one.
And to our individual editors for their unstinted support.
We hope it will continue in future as well.
Meanwhile, spread the word and let others join the movement towards a better and more humane world as envisaged and engendered by the liberal Arts, in a world of closing borders and repeated lies as facts.
Please be our guests and enjoy the fare!

Sunil Sharma
Editor, Setu, English
Kalyan (MMR), India
June, 2018

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  1. 🙏 Thank you very much Sunil da. Turning Setu into a sucecssful reality wasn't possible without your vision, hard work and determination. 🙏 I would like to thank our readers, authors and the members of the editorial board for their support. We have done well in past two years, we will do a lot better in years to come.
    Best wishes,
    - Anurag Sharma, Setu (Pittsburgh)


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