Poetry: Gary Beck

Gary Beck

The Road to Terror

Terror reared its ugly head
throughout the ages,
but only flourished
when provocateurs
recruited the disaffected,
the poor, angry, resentful
multitudes of the envious,
who looked upon the rich
and could not accept
would never be theirs.

A Facet of Civilization

Rational minds have been strained
to comprehend acts of madness
that defy explanations.
When a terrorist strikes
we may be horrified,
but we understand
he has a purpose
to terrify his enemies.
When a schoolboy
invades his school
with automatic weapons,
goes on a rampage,
it’s hard for us to grasp
what drove this youth
to a murderous attack,
followed by suicide.

Better Rates

Another season fades away.
The days grow shorter,
the nights colder.
The bargain hunting tourists
come to America
later and later in the year,
accepting inclement weather
as the price they pay
for spending ample Euros.

Altered State

The pleasures of the flesh
diminish with age,
or are controllable.
The sensible,
the realistic,
learn acceptance,
or wallow in frustration,
unprepared to accept
demands of appetite
that cannot be met.


Ebola fear
stalked the land,
fanned by outbreaks
far away,
creeping to our shores.
Our leaders assured us
it’s under control,
yet the slightest hint
of someone’s sniffles
started a panic,
because the people know
they can’t trust
glib reassurances,
when it’s a matter
of life or death.

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