Writer in Spotlight: Patricia Prime

Patricia Prime

Haiku by Patricia Prime

brain tumour
she rallies to show photos
of a hiking trip

playing Schubert
the pianist lifts
her long fingers

at the sea’s edge
ghost tracks of gulls
and crabs

railway crossing
a mile-long freight train
tiptoes through

in tidal mud
a marooned oar
stands upright

garage sale
although they aren’t gold
trinkets glitter

whitened field
blanketed horses
lower their muzzles

attic dust
on a wooden chest

from edge to edge
the sunset
fills the sky

death bed
my friend wrapped in a blanket
like a china doll

dry river
balanced on a flat rock
the heron

sunshine after rain
the picnic umbrella
remains furled

Balzac et Sand
a bookmark sent
from Paris

tiled roof
the ever-present calls
of pigeons

edge of the forest
the trail disappears
in the undergrowth

wind-blown clouds
the child says he sees
a horse in the sky

erasing the clouds
a flock of geese
cross the sky