Donn Hayden

Donn is a 72-year- old Prostate Cancer survivor & lifelong daydreamer who is occasionally inspired to write by the Mania he inherited from his talented mother. He is working on an epic young adult novel with racism, religious persecution and slavery as its main themes.

He enjoys writing dual meaning, surprise ending and graphic poetry. His first poem, lost to the annals of history unfortunately, was written to his first Love in 1961. He was 17, Carol was 14, and the poem was titled “Devil’s Daughter.” It had however, been graded by a young teacher who drove a red MG sports car. The comments in red pencil began with “I get the idea; good poetry is your goal…”

Fifty some years later, Donn’s goal has never changed and he his old high school teacher continued to grade his poetry for him for many years, although he passed away this January. Some years ago, Donn wrote another poem to Carol, which was much nicer than the first…