Anurag's One-Liner Quotes (Continued from January 2018 issue)

Anurag Sharma
Sometimes, an idea flashes in my mind and then refuses to get out of it. My way of getting rid of a stubborn thought is by burying it deep down in my notebook before attempting to forget about it. Sometimes I am so sad to see the damage done by a common saying, or belief that I feel like countering it. That's how my one-liners are born most of the time. Here are a few for your reading pleasure. - Anurag Sharma

One-Liner Quotes (1) in Setu, January 2018
  • Luck is easy to master.
  • All that smells is not mold.
  • Those who breach, often preach.
  • Oversimplification is a complex trap.
  • At times, it feels normal to be normal.
  • At times, truth sounds like exaggeration.
  • Ignorance is bliss, but arrogance is amiss.
  • It's illogical to seek logic behind everything.
  • Past has memories, while future has possibilities.
  • There is a great makeup artist behind every celebrity.
  • Quality is a long drive, way beyond your comfort zone.
  • By the time one is fully awake, it's almost time to sleep.
  • The best time to quit an unsuitable job is during the interview.
  • It's time to move on when your boss starts competing with you.
  • An actor with good eyesight can play the role of a blind character.
  • You don't really know a person unless he/she is your immediate boss.
  • Columbus knew his destination, he had no idea where his destiny was.
  • You aren't forgetful if, in your dream, you forget that you are forgetful.
  • Love doesn't bring anyone back, it stops people from leaving someone.
  • The student matters, education matters too, but the school matters most.
  • Midlife crisis is when parents are hard of hearing and kids hardly listen.
  • Turning 40 is the toughest part of life for a person with normal eyesight.
  • Knowledge is not the path, it is the light that helps you choose right path.
  • Bad history cannot be erased but an apology can help healing old wounds.
  • Patience pays sometimes, all other times, the patient pays (through the nose).
  • Most people love truth in it's most brutal form, when they tell it about others.
  • One person's desperate call for help is somebody else' opportunity for gossip.
  • Helplessness is strength for some, while skill becomes a weakness for the rest.
  • The best birthday is 50th, you are tougher, wiser and experienced by this time.
  • A person without a profile is fine but a profile without a person makes me sad.
  • The biggest surprise of life is the realization that nothing surprises you anymore.
  • A 30-minute interview is like capturing 360° personality in a passport size photo.
  • Your perception is limited to your brain, while reality is already there, everywhere.
  • A fish complains about 'big fish eating little fish', only after digesting all smaller fish.
  • The 'bad' excels in teamwork and collaboration, the 'good' may never master this art.
  • It's a good idea to join a self defense course before going to teach literature to a ruffian.
  • Even animals care for their biological family, humans are capable of respecting their in-laws.
  • In an ideal world every human will have a home and every dog will have freedom to reject humans.
  • As long as you continue using paper in your printer, somebody will make sure that trees are planted.
  • People who called TV an 'Idiot Box' were lucky not to have experienced 'social media'.
  • I have spoken to dead phone lines throughout my life. If my talk makes sense, it makes sense even without a listener.
  • Emotions are infectious. Beware of unhappy people who keep stealing the happiness from everyone around them.
  • Give a man a veggie burger and you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and he would destroy the ecosystem.


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