Love in the Time of Drought

Prahallad Satpathy

- Prahallad Satpathy

Celebration of light is over
Now it is time for the celebration of darkness!

All that is dark in me seeks illumination
That's why I am in love
Love is transparent
Love gives a huge canvas
Where one paints through words a world, universe
The sky and the star studded words
Sea and her rippling
A Boat ferrying to the world of void
All your emotions
You are drained
But a feeling of fulfillment is there always in love

No light , no fire crackers
No rocket penetrating the blue sky
Only darkness enveloping my world of words
Parched earth
Uprooted seedlings
Life taking shelter in an insecurity food zone
Whatsoever support system is there  support the way a rope supports a hanged man

With a candle
Flickers a ray of hope
Some where there a rising sun
But very much there too a tunnel of darkness
We have to cross

Let not my words play a game of hide and seek
When death ìs a paddy field and farmers are its victims
How could I paint  a rainbow
Of words when barren is my emotions
When life is becoming a package, A propaganda by the unscrupulous politicians
When compensation is the catch word
When I am declared a drought prone zone!

Romanticism is all dead
No more blue the sky
No more my sea touches shore
No castle, no dream
In my beloved's delicate palm
I could see now a parched field enjoining roads to serfdom.

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