Poetry: Roula Pollard

Roula Pollard


You sat on a chair, near the dawn
your hand touching my hand
my imagination, into the universe.
Your hug perhaps touches my mind
your eyes sail always to the direction of rain.
Yes, in the heart of the mind once more we hear
rain drops, we hear present and future kisses in the rain.
Do I love you again in the light of all time
like whiteness of froth, a route, a destination?

Do you know how far is

the white from the blue? Just a millisecond of light. Do you
know how far poverty is from wealth? Just a thought
of action away from true action. Do you know
how far is hate from love? Just two steps.
Do you know how far is war from peace?
Not hate in the DNA of nations.
When I think of you beyond every day thoughts
love sails on a balmy day in the sea
and I see rain on the horizon again
happiness it rains again
from the sky of life
it rains love.


Memory has her own home,
do I live in a non-habitable memory land?
I did have a land of memory of me and my childhood
my parents, the lakes and rivers of our land.
Now, many rivers run out of water or do you truly
want to know? Blood and ruins; ruins of history
from darkness of inconceivable and inexplicable acts.
Where am I now? I am an orphan, orphan child of the world
carrying in plastic bags lost feelings, emptiness of feelings
carrying and rushing my children, my food, my feet to the
new, new land of hope, in search of memory. My children,
I do want you to forget the frozen floors of your tender
childhood. Remember the beach and the palm trees
of this Athenian coast, remember ice cream running
down your knees, remember playing football
barefoot, remember your mum like a flower.
These memories are enough for you.
And when you fall asleep, forget the color of blood.
Try only to remember the rain running down
through the holes of our tent.
Let me remember what you must not.
Remember the path of hope
dreams like the lane that runs
along the tram tracks
in a blossoming afternoon
full of spring
flowers of hope.


If you raise

the other side of unseen positive self,
full of goodness, the God inside you
if you know how to love you-me
if you believe in you and me

if you accept where and how much goodness I-you are

I am in all and you

If all the oceans, sky, sea-land-heaven of self
fulfillment in reality and vision
sees the mountains, land of sky, rivers of the self
and the full view of invisible, visible happiness
reality is the river- lake- land, homeland of life
full existence of Life in love
all I Love.

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