Poetry: Minko Tanev

Minko Tanev
“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words" - Edgar Allen Poe

Breeze from Colchis 
brings golden tinges 
from mythical seas 
through the centuries.
Silhouettes of rowers 
in a united rhythm 
with the song of the waves.
Thracian goddess 
glorifies the sun 
over the breakwater.

The coastline 
recreates heroes.


A splashing light calls me
over a gushing resin and herbs
and I fly above the abyss for a moment 
with the glittering peaks.

From everywhere water is ringing 
and whirlwind brooks are exploding,
and a breath of wild freedom 
throws our hearts steeply.

Nettles, blackberries and elderberries 
engulf the rural rivulet
and some frog agile is crossing 
the infinity of the pool.

But my impulse will behold
on the highest octave 
how the cloud embodies 
the sorrow on the White Sea.

"Poetry is what gets lost in translation" - Robert Frost

We were within a hand distance 
in the temple of dreams.
I could feel vibrations between us,
allegories of an unknown alphabet. 
Your smile was rising through me 
to the universe.

I didn't passed 
the imaginary boundary of closeness.
For a long time, we were losing ourselves 
in the translation of emotions - 
centuries and epochs have been passed.

And then I discovered you 
for for our new read.
I recognized you after many reincarnations.
There were no secrets for me 
in the symbols of poetry
after I met multilingual masterpieces,
illuminated by God's providence.


She passed for a moment in my sight. 
Mirage almost. Spectacular.
And there is no way to reverberate
with ethereal steps of a goddess.

And all the strings in me sparkle
in harmony with the infinite -
with words to sculpt her
above earthly life and death.

The heaven will not stop me
in front of the glittering muse of poetry -
and the greatest Creator
kisses the air after her.


I entered intimately in the circle 
of birth and death -
by the unconscious will
to providence over the flesh.

And I instinctively survive
in the clock soul -
its monstrous making
makes me destroy it.

The wave came angrily,
it scattered in my eyes.
And the trigger caresses the finger
over our fluttering bodies.

Maritza's coasts,
settlements over the water are mine.
River amethysts mix me
in kaleidoscopes with stars.
I drink through reeds
whirlwinds of my birth.


My movement predicts 
the outlines of someone else,
but all the primary sensations 
bring back me invariably here.

I fly over the wheat fields, 
embracing the royal classes 
an illusion splendid 
between desperate questions.

And the light seems to breathe 
in a bacchanalia of forms -
and I'm a green euphoria 
on the previous ruins.

The illuminate matter 
disperses me in the infinity
and the tip of the senses
touches the whole universe.

Minko Tanev, Sofia, Bulgaria
Lecturer of Bulgarian language for foreign students - Medical University, Plovdiv. Author of 6 books of poetry, published in Bulgaria. Co-author of a bilingual haiku book, published in India. Published in anthologies and editions: Japan, Philippines, India, China, Vietnam, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Germany, France, England, USA, Nigeria, South Africa. In the anthology of the world's best poets, 2019, Temirqazyq, Union of Writers of World Nations, included in “Songs of Peace” - World's Biggest Poetry Anthology, 2020, Atunis Galaxy Anthology - 2021 - anthology of contemporary world poetry, "The first, second and third anthology of world gogyoshi", in anthologies "World Haiku". With award from The First "World Newspaper Poetry TV Competition", 2020, China.

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