Doma: Figures of Thought: Collegiate Voices across Spaces

Answers we don’t want

Encased in a room of mirrors he stood alone,
The hunt completed and the damage atoned.
He held the book but dared not open,
For fear his will be shattered and broken.
‘The price of knowledge’, he beckons his hand,
And opened the door to World of Man.

Then lights they shined, and beamed, and blind,
And showed the ways of humankind.
For such a World; so kind and bright,
Bore so much Cold, no place to hide.
These men were grey, some red, some blue,
And some had colors that no one knew.
They stole, they kill, they had no fill,
And left the World; in pain and ill.

He closed the book, with sights all blurred,
And focused ‘round the room he stood.
He finds a figure; senile and hurt,
And in his eyes, he sees the truth.
And as he turned, he finds it true;
“We all turn heads from evil”, do you too?

I envy the songbird who has found its duet,
Fate has been kind to you, simple beings.
Maybe our fates too have crossed and we have met,
Maybe they’ve intertwined but never aligned,
Or perhaps I failed to see the little things,
And missed the chance to sing, like a Songbird in Spring.

Author's Bio:  Lalduhawma, lovingly addressed by friends and families as Doma, is from a small state in India called Mizoram and is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree while occasionally writing poetry as a means of self-expression.

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