Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, Canada (Winging through Gloom: Poetry of Hope and Recovery)

Sangeeta Sharma
Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, a Toronto-based academic, is the Associate Editor of Setu, a bilingual, international peer-reviewed journal and the former Head, Department of English, in a degree college affiliated to the University of Mumbai, MMR, India. She has authored a book on Arthur Miller, two collections of poems, edited six anthologies on poetry, fiction and criticism (solo and joint) and two workbooks on communication. She has free-lanced for The Times of India for 15 years. A book of hers is a reference at the Clayton State University, Georgia, USA.


When dark and swelling are the clouds in eyes
And unceasing the downpour
The throttled throat trying to hold back the saline secretion of profuse tears
The heart heavy with gloom and grief like the emerald garden blanketed under the icy sleet
When life gets tough and as splinters prick
Hope trudges in like a sweet promise
With silent steps and feeling hands, of a valued friend
That opens up doors ajar to a surreal, lyrical, haloed, plausible world
Like a feisty carol that lifts up the sagging spirits
Or the delight at the sight of a sun-kissed, blazing road surrounded with white ready-to-harvest fields
Or driving on the winding pathways amidst olive pastures
Scented breeze caressing the façade and playing with open tresses
Or the kind, soothing words of a trusted guardian who truly cares through thick and thin
Hope touches and tickles each sinew
Spirits soar and sparkle!

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