Building Bridges - Editorial

Primary aim of the bilingual journal Setu is to build bridges across many divides through culture. Language and arts are crucial in the construct of a culture. Setu in Sanskrit means a bridge. Are not we covering distances through such conversations---literary; poetic; critical; academic; interviews? In globalised world, exchanging notes, to produce new/newer meanings/contexts?

Setu in Hindi and English intends to perform that vital role---by bringing talents world wide; views that matter. Hindi and English act as the media for processing such lively exchanges for the respective enlightened audiences in need of stimulating ideas.

The first issue is here.

I thank all my friends for helping it shape up.

I thank Anurag from Pittsburgh, USA, for being the originator of this rare project and its chief editor. A busy IT professional and famous writer, he did a lot. All credit goes to him only for such a selfless service to the cause of good writing.

To Vatsala---noted young poet from Mauritius---for editing the English version. She is its poetry editor and willing to assist any hour for such unpaid job, like dear Anurag.

I appreciate.

To you---without whom we all are incomplete.

Setu inaugural contains some of the most happening names in Hindi and English.

Theorists like John Thieme surprises us by sending a creative piece!

There are others that are a delight.

I thanks them again for their patronage of this endeavour.

Their support is our backbone.

We, the editors, are doing it for the love of culture, despite our punishing schedules.

Hope you like our love's labour.

Setu from Pittsburgh, USA and Mumbai, India, meeting in the cyberspace and creating a synergy.

It intends to serve you all in future.

Suggestions welcome!

Do send your thoughts---creative, critical.

It is your journal now onwards.

Happy reading!

Sunil Sharma