Poems by Arbind Kumar Choudhary

Arbind Kumar Choudhary


Culture is the feature
Of a man of father-figure
That  fires  the fertile mind
For the seasonal crops
Amidst many a vulture.
Culture is the essence
Of the spiritual society
That runs wild
Across the races
Amidst many a grace.
Cultural life is a strife
For a man of knife.


Virginity is a crime
In the court of the prostitution
Where the fetor of the hen night
Deflowers the cheer
For sake of Lucifer.
Sexual   intercourse
Has become a source
To woo a number of suitors
For the extension
Of hen night
Amidst many a devilish sight.
Love, passion and ambition
Are poles apart from one another
Like the seasons of nature
Amidst many a feature.


Morality is the passion
Of those who cherish
The strong notion
For purification in lives
That is better than ever
On this alluvial land
Laden with the beasts of burden.
Wealth, wine and women
Have become the darling
For a man of earthly sensations
That dazzle the passage
For its extension
On this fertile land
Laden with the pest of society.