Three Arabic Poems by Mohamed N Elramady

Translated by Nizar Sartawi

الإنســانُ A MAN 

Mohamed N Elramady
People swarmed at the door of the  dream
They scrambled to delve into the holy dream
I stood there to stop the unreasonable ones

In the halls of the dream
there was a man praying
muttering incomprehensible words
trying to penetrate the wall of time
and jumping over the walls of the universe
to get to the greatest secret

For thousands of years
he’s been trying
He has not arrived yet
the angels who guarded him
were amazed how he persisted
They were surprised
how ignorant was this rational man
this human being?!

أسطورةُ العشقِ الأبديةِ

Rosy daughter of the moon
strike my heart with your rod
It will erupt with love in the face of the world
For I was born only to love
and you are love

Strike my heart with your heart
The World will be filled with fair women with large beautiful eyes
that whisper in the ears of darkness
hymns of freedom
and from the poem a rain falls
watering forgotten roses
so that you and I may remain
in the eyes of the world
a myth of eternal love
The angels of love inscribe our names
with golden letters
Nizar Sartawi

ســؤالٌ عصرِيٌّ
A modern question

Pens joined forces against me
I drew into myself like a shell.
Neither welcomes nor greetings for him
who leaves with me a poem
bleeding at the edge of the sky
calling on death
and none comes to her but universal nymphs
Has poetry been created but to fly without wings
and walk without feet
and go without a compass
to reside with a thousand identities
in the conscience of humanity?