Sandra Joran

·        Born in Sydney Australia  
·        Received First Prize for Artwork at High School.
·        Drafting Course (Electrical and Mechanical) at East Sydney Tech. 1968/70.
·        Eight years in Sydney drafting with manufacturing and consulting engineers.
·        Started exploring different materials and processes to pursue artistic direction.
·        Commercial Art Diploma with the Art Training Institute, Victoria. Australia. 1981/83.
·        Concentrated on Black & White Portraiture while investigating ways to express abstract art concepts in Fibre 1983/85.
·        Creative Embroidery and Needlework Courses 1985/86.
·        Art Course - Australian Flying Art School, Qld. Units 1 to 5 1987/88.
·        Diploma of Arts  - Tapestry.  Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. 1994/2000
·        Fibre Wallpieces created for many years, using tapestry weaving and needlepoint techniques.  Main medium being pure wools, wool blends, cottons, hemp, sisal, jute, paint and found objects such as bones, feathers and rocks from nature.
·        In January 1999 she changed direction after many years of contemplation. Deciding to utilise her geometric and technical drafting skills into one area only, which she felt would inspire her for a long time to come.  She began her passion for designing, drawing, creating and painting mandalas.  These works incorporate the circle, symbol of the universe, the square, symbol of earthbound matter and generally exhibit a central point, radial symmetry and cardinal points.  She paints these in mixed media generally using gouache, inks, pastels, metallic paints, pencils, acrylics and enamels either on watercolour paper or canvas.
·        Mandalas can be used for meditation, contemplation, healing or simply for visual pleasure. 
·        She has been exhibiting since 1985 and have participated in hundred's of group
exhibitions. The majority of my art works are held in private collections.   
·        Her website is :