Literature for Literature through Literature - Avdhesh S. Jha

India’s Two Literary Journals, ‘Phenomenal Literature’ & ‘VerbalArt’ 

Review by Dr Avdhesh  Jha

The literary journals, ‘VerbalArt’ and ‘Phenomenal Literature’ are the successful endeavours of team of editors comprised of Dr. Vivekanand Jha, Dr. Rajnish Mishra and Dr Chandra Shekhar Dubey, and published by AuthorsPress, New Delhi, India. In this century of technology where mobile users have developed their own ecofrelang - the language which is free of grammar, spelling mistakes as well easy to write as we speak; these two literary arts put up their effort to spearhead the movement for development of language and literature.  VerbalArt is all about poetry and it is dedicated to reach a worldwide audience with a diverse array of the best contemporary poetry and literary criticism, interviews, and essays. True to its name and subtitle (A Global Journal Devoted to Poets and Poetry) VerbalArt aims to expand the audience interested in literature in general and poetry in particular, and to provide authors, poets and writers with a far-reaching forum in an artistic way to present their work in the world of literature. Phenomenal Literature again in the same line embodies its subtitle, ‘A Global Journal devoted to Language and Literature’ and it is a brave attempt to understand the world as it is with a wide but creative spectrum of both fiction and non-fiction.

Going through the contents of some of the issues published so far; tone, temperament and motif of both the journals can easily be fathomed. The tranquil quality of the poems with the feelings of the people all across the world in both the creative journals clearly envisages us that the feelings and emotions felt by all human across the world is same and thus proves the equality of human beings with respect to feelings and emotions in an inimitable style of literature. The minimalism in words and phrases of the poems turns it as the friendliest literary excursion. There are a number of poems which are delightful for sheer appalling cleverness. They are full of boisterous energy and seem to have been written with great gusto. They are lush but clean, emotional but evenly wrought, engaging a diversity of styles over its sections but with a voice that feels continuous and familiar. These are the sorts of poems one can fall into a deep absorption with. That is not to say that these are intellectually easy rather it is the subtle peculiarities and soft surprises we find throughout that really propel us forward through these pages, and I can't help but think that these would be an interesting artistic books because it is so unassuming.

The subjects are as common as they come mostly, wonder at nature, gratitude for our loved ones, on relations, life and so on that bind the material world with a direct kind of emotional meaning. The description of joy with all the things green, sorrow, magic, love and fantasy is indeed realistic and full of emotions. The poetry with rhymes and without rhymes, the sonnet etc. reveals the variety in poems. Whereas, the simile, metaphor, apostrophe, personification adds to the poem and depicts the passion of poets for the poetry, the humour and irony, and the sarcastic writing reveals in depth touch of the authors and poets about the situation.

The contents seem to include all and any situation of life from birth to death including the hope, joy, cheer, darkness, passion, sorrow which narrates the glimpse of the true feelings and experiences of different process during the life. The write-ups are simple and clear for the readers either may be a layman or an expert of literature which is essential, especially today, when literature is about to die. The expressions are designed to represent the art and individual artist as if the reader could feel like there's a voice behind the literary presentation in the journals which is directly addressing them. This all comes back to the idea that we are not a monolith anymore and that we are entering a world in which individuality and individual voices can be heard which is pretty cool. The stuffs of both journals are sufficed to pour the feeling of love, affection, and care for fellow human beings as well all organisms on the earth and nature. The aphorism insists one to think of himself and adds to courage, adjustment and character building in simple and lucid language which is easy to understand for all readers.

The articles include comparison, criticism, review with the essence and spice of life. The art of a few write-ups is worth appreciating when one can take different ideas for the same write-up as per their need, situation and perception. These artistic presentations include all the beautiful things on the earth leaving behind for the readers to think as per their requirement. Whereas some biography and travelogue presents the essence of life - some describe it as strength and some as weakness with blending of love and praise in an uncomplicated language.

Both the journals are worth compelling and artistic collections, an absolutely fun way to read and a food for mental health which invites us into the shower of literature. These creative writings are the occurrence of the everlasting moments in the chronological world and they are carefully personalized towards multi-directional beauty that calms the readers. The simplicity, quality publication, the collection of poems, short stories, biography, travelogue, memoir, play, essays and articles are about all such conventional elements which we often take for granted. Both journals are full of good, interesting and lively assonance offering selection simultaneously.  It is sense of understanding that makes them a thoroughly enjoyable and the free flowing style urges the reader to feel the emotion, evoke about.  With good and light weight creamy pages and attractive covers both the works seem to be purely artistic. Indeed these are the peerless literary journals with the writers from across the globe which enforces us to pat the team of editors and their supporting staffs for their vision and starting a movement of Literature for Literature through Literature. There are very few literary journals not only in the Indian subcontinent but also around the world which may be global in nature and releasing print and electronic version together. Timely publication and qualitative selection of the creative pieces work as a motivating force to the authors, poets and writers. Whereas VerbalArt is full of artistic literary conviction; Phenomenal Literature comes out as phenomena for understanding ourself and the world.