Two Poems by Javed Latoo

by Javed Latoo

Little by little

Little by little
Day and night
He washes the grime of

Bigotry, vainglory,
Greed and hypocrisy
From the fabric

Of his soul.
Yet, little by little
This dirt recollects,

Again and again,
To smear his
Sparkling soul.

I knew a man

I knew a man.
He was tall, handsome, strong,
With muscular limbs and broad shoulders.

Always standing next to his beautiful,
Caring and faithful woman,
He cared and loved her passionately.

He chose what she ate and wore,
Who she met with and spoke to,
Never let her out of his watchful eyes.

Slowly she felt suffocated like a bird in cage,
Could see his insecurity and manipulation,
See the dregs at the bottom of his empty vessel,
Until she limped away from his smothering nestle.