Santosh Bakaya

Critically acclaimed for her poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi, Ballad of Bapu [Vitasta, 2015], Dr. Santosh Bakaya is an academic, poet, novelist, essayist, TEDx speaker, recipient of the International Reuel Award for literature for her long poem, Oh Hark! [2014], the Universal Inspirational Poet Award [ Pentasi B Friendship Poetry and Ghana Government, 2016] the Bharat Nirman Award for literary Excellence[ 2017], Setu Award, 2018,  [Pittsburgh, USA] ‘in recognition of a stellar contribution to world literature. Keshav Malik award 2019 ‘for her entire staggeringly prolific and quality conscious oeuvre’.
Her TEDxTalk on The Myth of Writers' Block is popular in creative writing classes.

She runs a popular column, Morning Meanderings in Learning and Creativity website, which is now an e-book. [Blue Pencil, 2020]

Her other books are:

 Where are the lilacs? [Poems, Authorspress 2016]
 Flights from my Terrace [Essays , Authorspress , 2017 ]  
Under the Apple Boughs [Poems , Authorspress , 2017]  
A Skyful of Balloons [ Novella, Authorspress , 2018 ]  
Bring out the tall tales [short stories with Avijit Sarkar, Authorspress, 2019 ] 
Only in Darkness can you see the stars
[ A biography of Martin Luther King Jr, Vitasta , 2019  ] 
Songs of Belligerence [ Poems , AuthorsPress]
Her e-books published by Blue Pencil, Vodka by the Volga, with Dr. Ampat Koshy and From Prinsep Ghat to Peer Panjal with Gopal Lahiri are amazon bestsellers.   
Runcible Spoons and Pea green Boats is her latest book [ Authors Press, 2021]