Two poems by Diwakar Pokhriyal

Dr. Diwakar Pokhriyal


Distance between the hearts,
At time exceeds the galaxies,
Shining venom plays wild,
Love gets covered by fallacies,

Shattered into pieces instantly,
The relationships so close,
Egoistic glasses covers the mind,
No matter whosoever chose,

All the twinkling star of pasts,
Burns instantaneously,
Flowers of the spring dies,
Anger fills the heart copiously,

In just a matter of seconds,
The whole life goes for a toss,
Win-win situation ceases to exist,
In the fight of ‘Who’s the Boss?”

Like an invisible demon of time,
Distance plays an important role,
Interest, infatuation and lust,
None of these comforts the soul.

In the end

The place of freedom,
Lies somewhere close,
Where no-one shouts,
No one needs a dose,

The place so ideal,
Without discrimination,
No signal of pain,
No unwanted sensation,

The place of fires,
Where desires reside,
Where truth evolved,
Where tragedy, died,

The place full of colors,
Beautiful rainbow house,
Everything so perfect,
Nothing to denounce

The place full of love,
Sprouting emotions,
Forget pulling down,
Just all and all promotions,

Such place do exist,
It’s not just a dream,
Takes just the longer route,
It revives – ‘In the End’