Three Poems by A.K.Choudhary

Arbind Kumar Choudhary, IWP

O Sun ! Remove the viper
For the celestial aster.

Teachers’ teaching passion
Makes a man of iron.

Teaching technique and style
Is ever fertile.

O messenger of the superpower!
Turn the century for the whooper
For the nectar
Amidst   many a vulgar.

Dadhichi’s*  lesson fires the notion
For the potion  of a man of motion.

Doggish loyalty is a deity
For a man of chastity.

Note: Sage *Dadhichi gave up his life, so that a weapon Vajra could be made out of his bones, which would help king of gods defeat a mighty demon Vritrasura.


The  passage of the change
Is the wage of the sage
For the celestial passage
Amidst many an earthly cage.
Change is the constitution
For the sanctification
Of a man of game person
Amidst  many a man without vision.
Birth, death and rebirth
Bloom as the divine myth
For the natural sheath
Amidst many a wintry faith.
O  Change !Your  notion
Fires  the  potion  of  Thakur  Dalan*.

Note: *The birth place of R.N.Tagore, Nobel Laureate, has been popularly called Thakur Dalan.


The chirping birds,
Roaring clouds
And lightning rainbow
Fail to stir sensation
Deprived of wisdom
And celestial thought.
The flowing rivers,
Blowing airs,
Tempestuous waves,
And snowy hills
Are more sensational
Than the Sensation itself
For the novelty
Over cruelty.
Life is the road
And man is the passersby.