Poetry of Rameshwer Singh

Surgery and poetry are my passions.
Surgery is my profession also. I may do surgery anytime. Sometimes in deep hours of night,sometimes even after being exhausted. God always resides in  heart. During surgery many a time finds oneself in a difficult situation.Some moments of patience then everything settles in easy flow of God destined actions.
I am not alone, it may be true for every surgeon. It is Divine.
Poetry occurs to me at intense moments. It is not I can compose anytime. God is always here in heart. I am to be in a Spiritual trance state A Divine  feeling evolves, a thought illuminates, words start appearing in mind,  poetry conceives and then through stages it develops  into a poem.When it would occur to me I have no control of. I may be at a railway station or at an airport, at a  marriage ceremony or at a funeral,listening a song or seeing a movie, during surgery or talking to a  patient or being alone. God is always here in heart. God destined intense emotions may wet me thoroughly any time.
Again I am not alone, it may be true for every poet. It is Divine too.
(About me - Rameshwer Singh)
Rameshwar Singh

1. Cry And Relief!

Hospital  wards!

Night deep,
Still and silken,
A stone falling in a pond
You may listen!

Occasional sounds of footsteps of
Nurses walking across,
A stretcher wheeling a patient for scan.
I take a sip of hot tea
Just served by Gracy the nurse
A kind soul.

Last night
Corridor was reverberating
with sharp cries of Vaishnavi
A middle aged female,
Room number 116.

Visiting her room
I said
Vaishnavi, you calm down
You are disturbing others.

Pain is so agonizing
Please get  rid of this pain of mine
Get rid of my life!

But Vaishnavi
You have a whole life to live on,
Beautiful world still to be explored,
Dancing peacock and singing koel
Await you outside.
World needs you.
Pain will take some days to subside
But for that to happen
Firstly you have to remain alive.
She smiled.
A smile that would remain
Etched in my heart!

Night deep,
Still and silken,
A stone falling in a pond
You may listen!

Now a fearful thought run
through my mind
I shudder.
It should not be so calm.
How has Vaishnavi become so quiet!
She has been disturbing the wards
For days
By her relentless cries.

Oh, light may have been extinguished!

Night deep,
Still and silken,
A stone falling in a pond
You may listen!

I briskly walk towards room number 116.
Anticipating the worst.

Suddenly a high pitched shriek of pain
From Vaishnavi`s room
Echoed through hospital walls.

A big sigh of relief for me!
She is alive
Though she is crying.

Coming back
I order some painkiller for her,
I take another sip of tea.

Night not still
Nor calm and silken,
A cry in agony from her
A ray of hope for me!
She will see the world,
With peacock and koel,
She will
Dance and listen!

2. Three Eternal Words!

It starts drizzling outside
In a  lonely guest house
At a silent hill
You  slightly bending over me,
Tears rolling down your cheeks,
Ask solemnly,

I love you
Do you!

I do not reply.
Holding your soft hands
We come out of the guest house.
Walk on a muddy trail
Now brimming with  water,
Ascending up and above towards
An archival temple.

Rain sheets all around,
Trees swaying along cool winds
Like  new born thoughts,
Forest muddy fragrance
Touches our souls
As softly as dew touches the leaves,
Sparrows sheltering under the trees,
Monkeys playing gleefully
Squirrel jumping near a rain happy frog,
All anticipating their love mates
In their arms
Drenched thoroughly
Body and soul!

As we reach the temple
I see
A bluish green  river flows deep in  the valley
Thick clouds swiftly glide in the air,
Divine flame of temple
Admiringly looking at us,
I tinkle the bells.
Holding my hand
You vibrate them too,
Your eyes sinking deep into mine,
I ask you to repeat those eternal  words.

Tears rolling down your cheeks again
You repeat
I love you
Do you!

My eyes become a river,
River of love.
Yes my love,
I am  yours!

Clouds rumble,
Light flashes,
Amidst chanting of Mantras
And tinkling of bells,
Flame illuminating,
Three more words
Appear on my lips,
So Divine and Eternal
For every loving soul,
Yes three immortal words.

I love you!

3. O Man! Can You Ever Reach The Beats And Breaths Of Life!

O Man!
Can you ever reach the
Beats and breaths of Life!

Galaxies, planets,stars,
Big bang theory, God`s particle,
Black holes, Sun`s storm, Moon`s black dots
You have invented plenty so far.

O Man!
But can you ever reach the
Beats and breaths of Life!

An egg and the sperm
Conceived in the womb
Developing through period into
A wonderful life
With amazing complicated interwoven
Physical and biochemical processes
Meticulously smooth on its own!

O Man!
Can you ever reach the
Beats and breaths of Life!