Prerna Mahabir - Three Poems

Prerna Mahabir

1. Someday soon…

I see you in my thoughts and dreams
And it seems so real
I imagine you right here with me
But someday soon we’ll be together

I see your charming face
I see your shimmering eyes
Your sweet smile resting upon my face
Someday soon we’ll be together

I feel the tenderness of your embrace
I feel the gentleness of your caress
I hear your voice whispering to me
Someday soon we’ll be together

Your enthralling fragrance all over
You will be here
It will be for real
And I cannot wait for that day
Where you and I will be together
Someday soon

2. The splendor of love

Spring announces her grandiose arrival
Blooming flowers with the celestial dew
Forming a breathtaking bouquet
Permeating a heavenly fragrance
Love keeps flowing
Into the chalice of my mind, my heart, my body
Beckoning me to stay longer and longer
A gasp of sweet surrender
My soul quivering at the mere thought
A cascade of stirring, pristine and beautiful feelings
Glittering pools of pearls
A lustrous sight, a dazzling instant
The warmth of your voice
Like a glint of light
Captivating the feel
What was once a fable
Is now a dream comes true

3. Liberation

I witnessed your tears
And they left me battered
The whips of pain
Though not mine
I felt them
You were held captive
In a prison without bars
You lie in bed
Your whole body aching
The fear so real
Every time putting a hole in your vein
Inserting metals in your body
You fought the fight for one whole month
You did the best you could do
But you can now walk
Your legs are brand new
You can now breathe
Your breath no longer hindered
There will be no dark night
No gazing at the ceiling all day and night long
You are free for eternity
Rest in peace my precious one.
I will love you always