Reverie (Flash Fiction)

by Shree
Ana had a habit of reading before she falls asleep. She was reading an intriguing fiction until late that night. The story was at a juncture where the girl was anxiously waiting for a message from her very dear photographer friend Tom, who had not been in touch with her for a few days. Ana was completely absorbed in the book when suddenly her phone pinged. She was astounded to find a message from one of her childhood friends, whom she had almost forgotten. The message read,

"I'm in the town, checked in a seaside resort. Wanna meet you, please come to the address I've texted."

Ana's heart throbbed rapidly - was it really him? After so many years? Why? Ana viewed the message several times. In his profile photo, he was dressed in white, looked handsome, mature and much different than he was in his boyhood. He would have been unrecognizable, if not told, barring his big eyes and the scintillating smile. Ana sensed an uncanny allure. She hurriedly changed, jumped into her car and drove to the address she received. The GPS led her to a barren sea beach, which stretched over miles. She started to walk, the night was gradually glowing into dawn. The sand looked silvery white. It seemed to be an endless trek. One of her sandals tore off from the strap. Yet she plodded along until she could see the resort. The resort was irresistibly attractive - fascinating fountains, enchanting gardens, decorative pillars, spiral stairs of flawless marble, spectacular balconies overlooking the breath-taking view of the sea - yet very serene. Ana took off her sandals and ran up the stairs, through the lobbies and corridors, passed through numerous rooms frantically, but he was nowhere! Abruptly she bumped onto someone, where the suites of rooms almost terminated. It was him! Dressed in white, wore a warm and welcoming smile, his eyes were eagerly waiting for her - as if for ages - but were tired and filled with immense sorrow. Ana stared at him, little unsure, with her sandals in her hand.

"You need to change your sandals, right?" he asked. Ana nodded.

"Take the key of my room, find a pair for you, any one you like", he smiled, holding out the key card.

Ana was entirely perplexed, but followed his instructions without questioning. She cautiously opened the door and entered the room quietly. She was thoroughly stunned by the awe-inspiring sight. The room was neatly done as per her choice. The wardrobe was filled with her apparels. The dressing table flaunted the make-ups she used. And the shoe-rack displayed all the pairs of shoes and sandals she wore. Her jaws dropped in disbelief. She somehow put on a pair of slippers, slammed the door to shut behind her and ran outside to find him. He was going down the stairs which led towards the sea-beach. Ana made her best effort to call him, but she was unable to shout. Her voice choked; she coughed and tried to clear her throat, but in vain. Eventually when she was able to scream, she found herself sitting in her bed, in her bedroom, in her own apartment, totally in a state of incredulity! It was early morning, time to get ready and go to work. Ana rushed out of her bed, pretending to be oblivious about the vivid visions she had and engaged herself in the daily routine.

Later in the day.......

He always wore white, as if he was some fallen angel averse to colors. Maybe he was just trying to disappear, to not stand out. He lost many loved ones in his life. He had been in a couple of relationships, which did not work out. He was bewildered, he was directionless. But only until he actually  saw her  - again after so many years! "Ariana.." his heart pronounced her name like a soulful music.

He was waiting in a long queue at the coffee shop for a single small black coffee. He kept on gazing at Ariana, who was working at the counter, serving cups of coffee to the customers in the queue. When his turn came, he placed the order and handed out the money to pay. She placed the Styrofoam cup on the counter in front of him, the receipt and the change in coins. She paid no notice to him in detail.

"Ariana", he called.

Ariana's heart missed a  beat. She had not heard that name for several years. She paused her service and stared at him. The co-worker next to her was watching the customer in astonishment. He realized that, and quickly read Ariana's name tag - it read Ana, a shorter form of her name.

"It's me... Patrick", he said softly.

Ariana was utterly astounded. A confused smile appeared at the corner of her lips. She barely whispered, "O Patrick!" Then she said to herself, "No wonder I saw you in my dreams this morning!" She had goosebumps all over her.

Patrick smiled with a deep sigh of sheer contentment, looking at her deep eyes, which as ever expressed all her untold words. "She remembers me," he thought merrily in his mind.

While the other servers were grimacing at them, neither Patrick nor Ariana could perceive what  to do next. They both stood there, immersed in the emotions and musings of their dreamy teenage days of exchanging expressions through their eyes. Patrick broke the silence and asked for her cell number. Ariana, who then had no control on her gamut of sentiments, wrote it down on a sticky note like a puppet. Patrick was on cloud nine in exuberance and left the shop.

Ana spent the remaining day in trance. When she was driving back home, her phone buzzed. It was a message from Patrick.

He wrote, "My dear Ariana, you still look as innocent and attractive as you were when I last saw you. You were only fourteen then, remember? You are the only one for whom I have waited all my life. Want to see you again. Please..."

Ana was boggled by how her visions were taking shape in reality. She took a deep breath. She read the message again.

"Why did he never tell me about his feelings before?" she lamented.

She was not sure how to react or what to write in reply to Patrick's message, but it seemed that she would not mind to see him again.


  1. Nice story! Dreams do come true if the visions are apt.

  2. Fantastic story. I do believe in telepathy and premonitions coming in the form of various perceptions.

  3. So thankful for both the feedbacks above, mean a lot!

  4. Beautifully written and so flowing. Loved the story and I really wish to congratulate you for this. Keep your imagination flowing, and you are an inspiration to me dear <3


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