Review by: Alicja Maria Kuberska (Writer and poet from Poland)

Zulfiya Mmuminova
    I read the poems of ZulyfiaMuminova with great interest. She is the first Uzbek poetess I've met and it was with pleasure that I read her creative works. I'm sure her poetry collection entitled "Woman is Unbeatable" will enrich the contemporary Uzbek literature. 

    Zulyfia Muminova portrays her life and country with words. The reader can see her birth place, know her childhood and accompany her on distant journey including Poland. 

    She wrote :


Auschwitz Museum of Germany keeps men, women and children’s shoes those who were the witnesses of World War II and died during the war.

Children’s shoes…
At that darkest night, in the troubled courtyard
Children were crying while kissing their legs.
They were crying on the roads of kindergarten and schools,
While waiting for the halting the bullets.
Children’s shoes…

    She describes her strong emotions, feelings and true sensations. I dare to say that she can be called "a painter of imagination." By reading  Zulyfia's poems a reader visits her beloved country. The verses describing the dying of the Aral Sea especially caught my attention. Let’s read her poem: 

 “The greensickness started torturing brides,
Those brides before giving birth,
They thought sadly and you felt sorry,
Trains that full of chemicals went to them,
You felt sorry, you felt pain.”

The poet basically writes about humanity. She discloses its black and white nature. Reading her poems we can meet different people, conscientious and dishonest. She also reveals her thoughts and observations concerning her homeland, nature, and love of children and adults. The poet often writes about her memories about her parents. For example: 

 “I can’t look at my eyes,
I’ve been the shame in front of my eyes.
Father, if I die there will not be my murderer,
I’ve been the arrow towards myself.”

I hope everyone will discover Zulyfia Muminova's feelings and creative works while reading her poetry collection "Woman is Unbeatable." 

Details of the book

Book name: Woman is Unbeatable
Publisher: Lulu Press Inc. USA
Published: March 3, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-365-79661-6
Language: English
Pages: 184
Edition: First

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