Poetry: Anasuya P. Pradhan

Anasuya P. Pradhan

Innocence at Stake

The string of my innocence,
That gives birth to a fate,
That I call my own,
Is now at stake,
From now,
Never further,
I will let you,
To kill it again & again.
For you it may be,
Just a feeling,
Or a state of mind,
A thought or theory,
But, it is much more,
So much above,
You could ever believe.
May be very often,
I seem to be artless,
But it defines who I am,
The honesty and valor I hold,
And how I’m a costly affair,
Not in terms of money,
But the pride I carry!
The mourn is over,
My innocence will be at its’ best,

When you will savor it,
As bygone MEMORY!


On the eve of that ominous night,
The darkness was piercing lustily,
I couldn’t hold back tears, being the victim of dubiety.
I was musing through all my fears that drizzling night,
I was drenched completely with tears.
I was sitting at the darkest corner,
Trying to trace my blooper.
The night was growing darker,
I was yelling awfully being terrified,
As if the night was yearning to hunt me.
My heart was torn, beating faster than ever,
Chest was aching, eyes were burning,
I was quaking, shivering to demise!
I was running here and there in the most clownish way,
To soothe the damage I had.
I was filled with angst, fueled with buried hate,
Afraid of being outcast, terrorized of my fate.
I was low, depression was grabbing within,
I was laughing, grinning at myself,
I was striking hand here and there,
I was beating my chest, beating my head being broken.
Completely broken!
I was about to bid farewell from the treacherous world,

With all smiles, with all aches, with all faith, with all qualm,
Holding soliloquies within!


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