Poems by Master Showkat Ali

Master Showkat Ali

Master Showkat Ali 


I know not if I could tell
The tale of stars weeping so well;
For the moon, missing tonight,
For reigning despair and hope out of sight,
In this vale, as no clouds to hide,
Or maybe it has eloped like a bride
In protest, with some planet far;
Against inhuman mire and bloody war
Going on and on, day and night
On planet earth – the unending fight.

This moonless night will definitely pass
As light, awaits this darkness to surpass.
Hope sustains. Never in vain stars weep
The harvest of tears, we shall reap
So awake! Arise! And come away
To welcome – the radiance of coming Day.

From My Writing Desk

Unable to resist, the weight of slumber
Finally my eyelids yielded, and
On my writing desk I had a dream.
The dream left me pondering
As I was told by a known unknown
Voice, “Wake up! Wake up!
Your life is being swallowed into
A life, not authentically yours.”
Uttering this left me muttering
To my own self, till now
Thinking again and again, true
It is. But how can I being sure
Assure me, that you are not the only one.
And none is safe in the morass
Of motivation sans inspiration,
Save the chosen and blessed.
So I melted before Him from within,

With heaved bosom
Helpless and supplicated-
‘like Younis (AS)
Let me come out or let
The leviathan vomits me out,
To write but what I AM…’

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