Poetry: Debasish Parashar


All in a maze of more-than- emotions
I clicked SUBSCRIBE.Yes, all capital letters.Yes, I saw them.Letters are funny
They still combine to create meanings, gang-up to control my mind
and build bridges all around.
Bridges between selves are built with stimuli and I walk across worlds.
A figment of semantics is a culpable homicide and I walk across worlds.
I walk inside against gravity
I SUBSCRIBE all in a maze of more-than- emotions
I disagree with you if you say
emotions build bridges and reason burns
reason actually strengthens bridges
hyper-reason SUBSCRIBES
or hyper-emotion ?
SUBSCRIBE is a second from my self
a proxy for the nano-humanity that stands with the world.
SUBSCRIBE is that more-than- real I always desired to inhabit.
Desires are a river shaped by its valley
and the valley is a negation of itself.
What is desire if I always get it ?

15 Minutes Out of Town

15 minutes out of town
Debasish Parashar
is a festival
and you know
how much I love to sing aloud
I used to
15 minutes out of town
is a whole new world
where we can freely breathe
and get cosy
like winds kissing monsoon showers
15 minutes out of town
we can drive away
to see
the highway meeting the green fields
like the corner of your eyes
till a point
when curiosity kills insomnia
like a lantern killing a night
15 minutes out of town
we can dream again
the dream we always dreamed
of being two yet one
Away from the tinsel world of
overhyped romance and flawless intimacy
we can fight aloud like cats again
15 minutes out of town
there is a river dying
On its banks
I can confess my love for you again
It will not be a selfie
good enough to be uploaded
on social media you know
but at least we can fall in love again

4 delhis

my existential plane of experience and the extended floodplains of Yamuna
create an angle
inversely proportional to my house rent.
4 delhis.
if there is a car on the street
the car on the street is cars
can be edited like a video clip.
4 delhis.
there is a wedding on the second floor
and here i am, a stranger happy like a voyeur without a convincing reason
living can be like passive smoking.
4 delhis.
i can climb this city like a lizard against gravity
i can roll this city like old photographic films
i can read and deconstruct this city.
4 delhis.
I was born in a house without a house number.I just knew that house
just like the sounds of my mother's bangles.Just knew it.
Now i live in a multiple city multiplying vertically into a complex matrix of numbers.
4 delhis.

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