Editorial, May 2018

Sunil Sharma
"The world's favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May."
-  Edwin Way Teale

May appears magnificent in contrasting tones. In the West, it heralds spring and in the East, hot and dry-humid summer.
But it comes splashed with hues that electrify.
There is a riot of colours and trees are in bloom.
Heat and shade---and its adroit mixture by nature.
This month’s Setu is full of such vividness and beauty.
Created by words and images by experts famous for their skills and imagination.
The Author of the Month is Michael Burch, a distinguished litterateur. Reading Michael is as delightful as the spring!
A literary interview of Eleni Lytra-Charara by Roula Pollard ---both exceptional Greek writers---is another highlight. The rich conversation gives rare insights into the psychology of a literary producer and the product, garnering wide acclaim.
Another notable part of this edition is the current poetry sensitively curated from Europe and other locations by the famous Agron Shele. The variety and tonal complexities of these poems are as remarkable as natural settings giving the viewers sensory pleasures.
An inquiry into the complex nature of the creative process is conducted by the iconic artist-thinker Rob Harle. It is a stand-out piece for its contemplative nature into elements that constitute originality and a type of writing designated by critical consensus, as literary by Rob, one of the profound minds working in the field.
We remain indebted to both the editors and other equally- important contributing authors for making this e-zine an appealing site and enduring success with our readers---the most vital constituency.
June marks the second year of publication---a long journey accomplished so far and new milestones to be achieved in this year.
Our sincere aim has always been to continually provide wholesome content in a market full of formulaic writing designed to produce best-sellers and maximum profits to a greedy culture industry.  The foundational principle here is to promote writing that challenges the status quo, the normal by opening up new vistas for the recipient’s consciousness through startling imagery and verbal dexterity.
The classics revisited is one such column through which a contemporary dialogue is re-initiated with a great master and in a way, the featured writing from the past is set up as a  measuring standard as well.
This time we have Chekhov as our special guest. Once you talk to the Russian doctor, you will fall in love with him forever, such huge is his hypnotic power!
His tenderness and mastery over the medium are recognized globally. For readers of sacred texts, he is reverential!
We plan to continue the mission of reinvigorating and re-interrogating the arts  and culture through such texts, old and new.
Hope to have your attention in coming months as well.
Now, enjoy, please.
Sunil Sharma
Editor, Setu, English
Kalyan (MMR), India
May 31, 2018

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