Poetry: Adam Levon Brown

Adam Levon Brown
Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. He has had poetry published over 200 times in 11 countries.

He has been published in venues such as Burningword Literary Journal, Harbinger Asylum, The Stray Branch, Poetry Pacific, and Indiana Voice Journal.

Manic in the Afternoon

Mountains jutting from
ground space 

Pull at the axis
of my disenfranchised

Rushes of euphoria
envelop me in arms
of words unspoken

Synapse broken;
brain on overdrive

Lost & Found

I lost my mind again
in the neurotic
self absorption
that seems to
barrage my mind
in waves

I found it
in a bottle of aged
Jack Daniel’s

The amber
infusion of distilled fire
shot through
my system

and left an impression
of dying candles on
a cloudy winter night

Coughing cortisone
through the veil of

Led me to wake from
a good dream about sex
into convulsive vomiting
upon my bedroom floor

I guess that’s what I get
for thinking that I could
outrun the darkened visage
that is life


Caged within
are the hopes
and dreams of
flesh and blood

Yearning to
be at peace
in a world
that doesn’t
want to acknowledge
their existence

Sweat and tears
bursting through
the cortex that
is life

at the top of the

Where vision
is lost on gold
and compassion
is lost to greed

rip open the
fences that
keep so many
from shelter
and solace

Let their voices
and dreams be

Visceral Entanglenment

Visceral, triangular
shards of jagged glass
edge along the skin

Miscreant mortality
amalgamates minnows
of Macabre

Pulling from
the reaches of
pristine complacency
and diving into
Jet black

I let blood be
blood and
course through
cathartic rhythms

This is my heart

Optical Illusion

Tainted respite
Of terrified eyes

Wiping away
The granules
Of morbid

Strike on
Nerve to pale bone

Lie mold-ridden
In the macular
Of molecular

Of light
The reaches Of
 the abyss

That is the

Of sight

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