Poetry: Srirupa Mahalanabis

Srirupa Mahalanabis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Barabazar B.T.M. College, Purulia. Her areas of interest are Post-Modernism, Post-Colonial Studies and Cultural Studies. She has participated in national and international seminars and published articles in books and journals.


Hair turned gray
As I grew older
Bone ached more –
But mind stayed bold!

Rueing the fact –
I went mum,
I should’ve spoken
My lips were numb!

Up goes flying
Cranes in a flock,
Enjoy the wind
Break chain and lock!

When I sing carols
Time sings too!

I can’t anchor
Without you!

‘Will’ gives thrust,
My lips can’t pace,
Fate- thinking with
Bleak gloom face,

Imagine when you
Rocked my youth,
Fragile ends met
Harsh all truth.

I go brisk and
I go slow!
Together we can
Ride and grow!

I was never
So much keen,
Paused, always
Clad at sixteen!

Don’t grow old,
Let time pass!
Augur well with
Candid brush!

You draw paint
While it’s destined!
I can’t think and
I can’t heed.

I shall always
Love, stay green,
And solely remain

For ever sixteen.

When seated on a tomb of truth,
Why one ponders? When fate comes
Eyes stop blinking, turn dry of tears,
Sparkling bubbles burst when hit.

Sun does shine on olives green,
Gravid seeds peep, sprouts in field,
Tunes hum own beat, life makes own
Take brooding time, but stay

Horses nod, say daunting task,
Road serpents watching spoonbills,

Sky brings smiles to gloomy faces,
Thrive and dwell in dancing hills.

O autumn moon, wait, listen to its
Core -
Skylarks dive and singing spree!
Waves splash ashore and erase those
Will you keep your words? I shall wait
To see!

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