Eliza Segiet (Poland)

Exclusive: Poetry from Europe and other Western locations: Curated by Agron Shele

Eliza Segiet (Poland )
E mail: eliza.anna@op.pl

Eliza Segiet – graduate with a Master's Degree in Philosophy, completed postgraduate studies in Cultural Knowledge, Philosophy, Arts and Literature at Jagiellonian University, as well as Film and Television Production in Lodz.
Torn between poetry and drama. Likes to look into the clouds, but keeps both feet on the ground. Her heart is close to the thought of Schopenhauer: "Ordinary people merely think how they shall 'spend' their time; a man of talent tries to 'use' it".

Poetry Collections:
"Love Affair with Oneself" [pol. "Romans z sobą"] (2013),
"Mental Mirages" [pol. "Myślne miraże"] (2014 , II Edition:2017),
"Cloudiness" [pol. "Chmurność"] (2016),
Monodrama "Clearances" [pol. "Prześwity"] (2015), 
Farce "Tandem" (Signo 2017).  

Author's works can be found in anthologies and literary magazines in Poland and abroad (Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, India, Kosovo,Scotland, Sweden, USA).


In the vortex of dance,
wandering in the labyrinth of time
she saw
the ephemerality of existence.
Today turns into yesterday
as in the Heraklite river
- fluid, smooth.
Although trees live longer than humans,
slouching between them
one can see the scattered dandelions.
And behind a tall wall of boxwood
there is everything
one cannot go back to.
Every ray of the sun
is a hope for existence,
even though
at some point it will
not allow for a gust of life.

Signs of Time

Embraced by gentleness of words,
aroused by beauty
she sets imagination into motion.

She didn't know
if—as before—
it was just
the waves talking to each other.
Did she really hear them?

I know
that she could live
in a place,
where crystalline sand
covers her wet feet,
where the signs of time are enshrouded by a wave.

The sea
could drown out her memories.

She Was Far Away

in the midst of the theatre of life
she sought shelter
to not return to the past.
She could not.
It followed her.

She could not forget
the pattering of German officers
and fear
is it today?

She hid in her
the past time-
like a stone
holds onto eternity.

Translated by Artur Komoter

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