Poetry: Rimli Bhattacharya

Rimli Bhattacharya
The solitude

He said my heart is weak,
She said it can't as I am your heart.
He said I am desolate,
She said you are wrong as I am your joy
He said leave me alone,
She said no I can't as I will steer
He said your memories are painful,
She said no more as I am your delight
The green eyes she loved said “I will die soon”;
She said you can't as I am your bride
The Sheila disappeared whispering to the green eyes "You need to crawl out of your shadows to bask in my sun”.
The green eyes looked for her
But she was gone.
He was alone, the solitude was back –
For once he should have listened to her. He should have.

The aberrant lovers

She was searching for the fragrance amongst the gleam
When those green eyes met her.
She snivels as those eyes will lacerate her scars,
the eyes didn't speak,
The eyes didn't look either,
Yet the eyes could discern her.
She yelled “It's a shadow”,
The eyes mumbled “It's a blaze”
She screamed “It's a curse”,
The eyes whispered “It's a consecration”
“Do you read between lines” the eyes enjoin
her worst fear comes true –
She is revealed, she is exposed.
The eyes moves away
She reaches out “Do you hear me?”
“You need to hear yourself” the eyes utter
those eyes she once fell in for
Murmured before fading
“I never stopped loving you, I just stopped showing it.”

The impossible dream

That death like eyes
Devoid of all emotions,
the ghastly whiteness spread over the face
they were back but –
They can't paint dream or nightmares
yet she lived in the darkness of soul.
She doesn't wish to sleep for fear of nightmares
She doesn't wish to wake for the same fear.
Which is the true nightmare –?
The horrific dream she sleeps or
The dissatisfied reality that waits when she is awake
those haunted places she had walked alone.
Never trust the dead, they lied to her
They all lied.

The confused self

Confused but not senile
As am used to confusions,
Confusing notion multiplies confusion.
Relationship, Love, Knowing, Understanding, and Adjustment
Complicated and complex.
I am confused so are those ancient Egyptian mummies,
They don’t speak but I do.
I just want to be someone, to mean something to anyone
Again confusing or shall I say “sometime hate is just confused love!”

The last goodbye

Standing in front of her mother
She said in a soft voice
“See you in the evening”
Her mother stared
Dilated pupils, tears rolled down her cheeks
When she held her daughter’s hand
For the last time.
The daughter never knew
It was the last goodbye.
That evening never came
As her mother had left her.
Now there is no pain and no misery

O death how beautiful you are.

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