Poetry: Shafinur Shafin

Shafinur Shafin
Lost Key

I folded all the memories
Behind the dark curtain
And stepped out silently
Not calling the key back
The way to my doorstep.


I can still recall the day
I left you
trying to walk
My legs stammered,
Did we talk about
our separation?
no, na?
the aloof red painted nails
became furious
on your back...
And you were like
the saddest prophet
stood alone
On your shoulder,
taking all sins
of your abandoned
Unforgiving clan
Smiling at me
but saddest face
I've ever seen.

Last Shout

While I was getting
on the train,
My Maoist friend
wrapped the shawl
around his shoulder
when the whistle blew
curving lips
He said to me,
"maybe this is
Our last meeting,
Who knows
I'll die soon
In a police encounter"
I didn't say
People are born with death
They grow up with
the fear of death anytime
The train started
I saw through
the small green window
his hands up
and heard a shout
"Good bye friend"
my eyesight was blurred
seeing his shadow
standing straight
I saw
how it vanished
behind the thick smoke
of the train...
Today I got the news
His dead body
has been found
On the shore of the Ganges

Gali Kasim Jan

The fragrance of Arabic perfume
Blended with the smoke of
Burning kebab,
Rushing sandals on the road,
Fruiter's trolly
With the smell of oranges-
I waited at the edge of
Gali Kasim Jan
For a while
And came back then
It was impossible to touch
The two centuries old rib
Of the haveli
Without you

When the broken heart chapter is over

When I was poisoning myself
One part of my mind was saying
“Live, love and live
 For the crowded words
You belong to-”
But another part
Perhaps the strongest part was screaming
“Just Die!”
 I'm going to be lost
 In Our ancestor’s whispered word!


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