Story of the White Dove: Rashid Pelpuo

Dr. Rashid Pelpuo
The machine that moves peace is a small white dove that tells a story
It tells a story of its creation.
It was created out of nothing but the purity of clean breath of light that shines into  hopes and dreams
It tells the world it flies unhindered in the vastness of the sky not because it wages wars nor because of conquests but because it exudes love and cares
In it’s existential consequences of living a life it breeds joys and friendship from the ashes of burnt hate and cremated  vulgarity
In trudging care to polish our human love it flies into the inner depths of life to pour out trust in tune with ourselves.
It joins the broken pot that holds our faith in fiduciary with our desired harmony
And it’s the song of peace
We sing it each day with every breath of consciousness and every hair of our skin in pulsation
We bury each day our tormenting iniquities to reach the kingdom of existing shades of understanding
It tells about us, who we are

It  tells a story of peace.

Rashid Pelpuo is a Ghanaian politician. He is a recipient of Pentasi B Life Achievement Award in Poetry, 2015 and 2017, India, and a Gold Medal for Culture Award from the World Union of Poets 2017, Italy.

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