Adrian Rogers


Sodden leaved autumn, root slippery
half strips branches rain seeping
no misted magically veiling
mellow fruitfulness
only a thinly winding path down-sloped,
levelling, breaking into a clearing
as water rising
laps over fear’s primal rashness
devoid of rational lightening
dreaming a path’s aloneness
neither hearth nor home remembered

until disquiet is dismembered by hope,
the ground rising
skies cleared, rending
lead-like weighted clouds slung low
yellow sun-shafted,
defining the alchemy of confidence
rectifying the mind’s scope
as lead to gold, mastering
yet in reality present tensed,
dry grounded as trees draw back

a higher clearing.


An overgrown track through minds awake
commands not
a spread-running growth of creepers
green/brown wet clinging
moss coating on rough barked trunks,
millennium lengths of dead leaf littering
the undergrowth
and overgrowth
of lichens drooping
grey/ghostly appearing
through half veiled cloud trails
falling to treetop level.

A way lightens and darkens through shake
and watery rot
of underfoot deadness, but sleepers
commune with changes ringing
as the shaken one dunks
with wetness those glittering
eyes-wide memories, the sloth
of neither and both.

Hearts welcoming pain without fearing
grasp at the rigging of love’s gilded sails,
sun and moon mesh to bevel
the gears of conscience,
light glitters in trees, and on the lees
at the bottom of a barrel.


A sun smitten green lengthened ridge
gashing the skyline
white-yellows light-mellows slopes
ripped open by grey weathered
brokenly tooth like rocks
above dark forest waves falling back
like breakers unable to reach the high tops

as the wind sings over a bridge
onto dreaming, a fine line
crossed when a silent wolf lopes
from the wood, and un-tethered
sheep, panicked by terrorizing shocks
see the hireling flee,
and a rack outstretched comes apart,
fear stops the flowering of hope
that knowledge might be
and courage find its reward

until stolen and unloosed
from cleft scored rocks
is, unknown yet alone the real.


Iron on iron hypnotizes
sleepers on the night train to nowhere
sleeping minds synthesizes
serpentine, long in reach everywhere
beyond hope messaging all comers
from the outermost edges of winters
and summers, layered universes,
mind driving wedges between sleeping
and waking, consciences shaking
like windblown sedges and garden hedges

iron rails emerging
through darkness surging
echoing post-modern mechanizing
for dreamers digitizing
and showering confetti
like poets devising opera libretti
weddings, births, deaths,
famous last words, last breaths,
scheming imaginers texting, fingering
for financial advantages lingering
hypochondriacs fearing infection
spirits perhaps seeing
the Bridge to Resurrection,
all drop their cover
or sleep ‘til the earth turns over.


Adrian CedricRogers—born September 1940, in Lincoln, England, UK

I was brought up in England, but trained as a teacher in Ireland, teaching music and English in Ireland (North and South), Scotland, England, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. I am an Australian citizen, resident in South Australia where, since retirement in 2005 I have concentrated on writing, with four fantasy novels published by Double Dragon, Ontario, Canada, and two more novels published by Mountain Mist, Queensland, Australia. I have four poetry collections published by Ginninderra Press, Port Adelaide, South Australia, and contributions—both poetry and articles to numerous journals and anthologies, both in Australia and elsewhere, including ‘Homeward Bound, Searching for the Sublime, an Indo/Australian Anthology of Short Stories’, and in Australia contributing regularly to Beyond the Rainbow, The Write Angle, The Colonial Athens’, Episteme—Bharat College, and many others.

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