Poetry: Parneet Jaggi

Parneet Jaggi
The Best Option

Even today,
to recidivate to the tribal life
seems the best option,
the killer instinct got a vent in feeding oneself
not letting tiny petty instincts
poison the entire being,
mental faculties poisoning each moment of life
with airs of envy,
breaths of pride,
glances of hatred,
words of falsehood.
If hunting a prey
satiated all hungers,
then residing in forests
is still the best option.

Where has Love Gone?

Where is Mahiwal’s love
that doesn’t drown in flooded rivers?

Where is Sohni's passion
that doesn't tire of waiting for days?

Love through the waters!

Where is Meera’s love,
the unfaltering singular love
that doesn’t flinch?

The eternalized love
is now very much in time,
flies away with rains and pains,
no matter how we lay down our life.

The tech savvy love
works well when batteries are full.
Conditions vary,
determine the duration and intensity.

Today love has its expiry too.


Each in his cocoon of pain-
the pain of loss
of what he once had,
the pain of the eternal longing
of satiating one’s desires,
the pain of an injured self – respect
breaking the glass
gilded in self – praises,
the pain of expressing in words,
a similar pain of the lack of expressing ,
the pain of constructing walls of self –limitedness,
the pain of setting the mind free
to wander in dark forests,
the pain of virtues and vices,
the pain of disease and fatigue,
each trying to break the cocoon,
unwrapping the fine threads,
unwinding, unfolding,

further strengthening it.

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