Voices Within: Anuradha Bhattacharyya

Dr. Anuradha Bhattacharyya is an Indian writer. She has been awarded the Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi's best Book Award for English Novel of the year 2016. She is Associate Professor of English, Postgraduate Government College, Sector-11, Chandigarh. Her forthcoming novel is called Still She Cried.

In Retrospect

The stage was set
By tiredness.
It could have been
Clear enough.

The mouths denied
Words to flow.
The function was
Called off.

Our bodies met
With hallowed eyes.
Passion could not
Be entertained.

That lingering message
In our tongues
Does not go down
The throat even today.


Keeping fake appearances
Has become a habit with me.
The most common is the smile.

One of those denials of the flesh
That does not want to yield to jest;
The poor thing, gets no rest.

And the converse is with tears;
Sorrow expressed in public sphere
Is not an inner stress.

As though it were not enough –
There’s that eloquence in praise
For a slovenly work of no consequence.

Spurious Poetry

He stands erect, taller than
The humble camel
With his hump in cervical pain
Complying with people around
Who try hard before him to impress.

The judging heart recommends all
And hopes one day to challenge
That lofty ideal of poetry,
The type for years he’s not read.

Each moment of beatitude hurts –
Pinpricks of the heart with memories
Of times spent in solitude
Writing real poetry.

Fossilized Desire

With you in mind
I chanted on a prayer
Of plaintiff’s summoning,
A cry for attention,
A speech for release,
Frothing in the mouth
For lack of reckoning.

It could be that the sun
Faded out of sheer
Lack of fuel
And fossilized.

Or it could be a mute
Acceptance of every guilt
I thrust on him.

Should my eloquence fall short
Of hearing
And stand undelivered
So, to say,

Will passion come to the rescue at last,
And you’d wrap me in your arms
For recompense?
Voices Within - Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019

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