Voices Within: Raja Chakraborty

Born in Kolkata, Raja Chakraborty did his masters in English Literature from Calcutta University. He is presently working in a very senior capacity in West Bengal Revenue Service. He has published three critically acclaimed books of Bengali rhymes and a book of English poems titled The Soup Bowl And Other Poems which is his debut collection of English Poems.

Children Of Destiny :

She was a child of mistakes
Or so thought the bodies
That made her
And dumped her with leftovers
In a roadside bin
But as luck would have it
Or destiny
She survived the cold night
And thirty years
To be a mother of her
Own children

No mistakes she murmured
As she looked at their
Innocent smile
And cried a solitary tear
For two unknown faces

Of Dreams And Betrayals :

I washed my hair in rose water
For you. But you did not come.
The man who came with scissors
To chop the locks was not you.

I put bindi on my forehead and
Lavender behind my ears for
You. But you did not come. The
Man who came and blotched
The bindi all over my face was
Not you.

I draped my first red sari carefully
And waited by the window for you.
But you did not come. The man who
Came with brutal hands to tear it
Off my body was not you.

Tell me how many of You are there.
Tell me how many of You will molest
My dreams and not see my tears.
Tell me how many times I have to die
In your hands to find you.

 Old Age Home Birthdays :

half a candle
flame limping
stood shaking on
the plum cake

few faded ribbons
pulled out from
the drawer lent
some color

blurred images looked
 back from yellow

someone strumming
You Have A Friend
in the next building

drunk in that thought
blowing out the candle
I stood in darkness

and whispered
happy birthday
to the mirror


she spoke
soft like a lullaby
pearl shaped syllables
forming at the tip of her lips
rolled down on my cheeks
a stream of mid-summer
rain drops serenade
washed away by
the wind before
fingers could
touch them
and since
I sing her songs
in words of wild flowers
plucked from her tree she
had planted in my valley
with her feet walking
the river of dreams
under a moonlit
night sky

Voices Within - Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019

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