Artha Perla, INDIA


This morning I got up
To find him smile at me.
Nurturing the kinds of life
Differing in form and style,
I was to grow.

I met him there – at the day break.
And to befriend I tried.
Ruthless as he always was,
I cried.
Turning back, I ran;
To soothe the burning heart.

I took a chance – to look back
To see. Peering through the roaring tears,
Ugly truth to be curtained down.
Taken aback,
I ran.

I ran- towards a new morning,
To see-to catch a fresh glimpse of him.
I ran;
Rays dissolving the dew,
Resolving enigma
And the clear canvas.


The ego and ideals set aside;
She awaits the trial.
Self-worth up to the brim
And well brewed---
Joy fizzing,
Forming a line of smile---
Beautiful and plain; awaiting the trial.

Her secrets buried deep inside;
Never surfacing.
(too choosy,
Or afraid?)
Today, she stands there---
Confused, happy and vulnerable…
For it is her selfdom at stake.

Shedding the kernel,
Taking a chance, she stood there…
Awaiting the trial.
For once; convincing herself
On guard.
Each moment the line receding.
Outcome? As anticipated.
Throbbing heart;
Adding to her misery was her brain.
For the expected just happened,

The trial pronounced.
Tribunal unsettled.
Her soul vexed. 


I said, I love you
I admitted (doubt hovering)
Emotions you see,
They heat-up and delve down
Like my fashionable Gown!

It’s just always there;
The Gown
And you know well;
Very well to blow the wind.
Then I said, ‘I don’t love you’
I hate the color (confusion hovering)
It makes me look dull
‘It’s the heat, chill my dear’
You said blowing-off the wind.

Then, then arose the actual heat
Despising until
Down came the pointer
And those eyes
Tearing my Gown!

Artha Perla is Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Post Graduation Studies in English at Alva’s College, Moodbidri, Karnataka. She is an alumnus of Mangalore University and has a Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching from the Regional Institute of English, Bengaluru. She writes art reviews in regional newspapers and magazines and also has a collection of poetry titled “Nanna Putta Tamma”, in Kannada language to her credit. She has presented papers and rendered self-composed poetry in All India Radio, Mangalore and also has the experience of participating at various symposiums. As a Doordarshan (Indian Television) graded classical Bharatanatyam dancer and student of Carnatic Classical music, she is doing her bit in contributing to art, literature and culture.

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