Dr. Bina Singh, INDIA


Dark holds no terror
The binding vines are loose
The shutters pulled down
Although thin, yet the silvery rays are filtering in.
No more submerged beneath the ashes
Like Phoenix, SHE has risen
Opening the wings, fluttering to soar
Toward the limitless blue
The chirping skylarks, inviting,
Allured, she craves to join the airy melody
Rolling river beneath gurgling
Breaking the silence, SHE joins the rhythmic melody


I am a woman
A Phenomenal woman
Embracing the glory of womanhood
My bosom swells, revealing the cleavage 
Sensuously alluring, tantalizing
But the deep mounts beyond shallow reach
My chiselled physiognomy, my curvaceous contours
Bordered with line of control
Denying unwanted entrance
However, often invaders try to break the LOC
And at times my vulnerability challenged
Stirred, the flow erupts
Waves gushing, colliding with the shore
But fusion fails 
Leaving the Waves, retreating back to the deep


The gigantic, magnificent Titanic
Crumbled, the moment hit by the iceberg
But what about the massive iceberg within
It refuses to melt, stays frozen
However, my frozen self
Sauntering on the green surface
Meets the moist aroma
A sensation sweet, lush green
Mingling with my red flame
Leading the blue tributaries to convulsions intense
Opening way to gushing deluge
To dissolve, diffuse and dissipate my vulnerability
Enthused, electrified, I break every barrier
The iceberg, willingly floated on the torrents
Although drenched, soaked, yet the iceberg refused to break
The thawing currents failed to penetrate
Perhaps my iceberg still waiting for the crimson fire.

Dr. Bina Singh has been teaching for the last 35 years. Her area of interest, American literature, world literature, feminist literature and Indian literature. Literature her passion and poetry first love. Dr. Singh has authored 6 books and published articles, poems and research papers in various international and national books and journals. Dr. Singh has chaired, organised and participated in various conferences, literary meet and workshops. She is a member of various academic and socio-cultural bodies.

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