Dr. Indira Babbellapati, INDIA


whoever said
tears make
a woman weak
it's her way to
gain more strength
emptying out
the unwanted stuff
don't we bathe
to feel relaxed?
yes, I do have tears abundant
yes, I do have laughter in loads
yes, spirituality springs from me
as from anyone else
I'm soft
powerful and practical
yes, in pride I say
I'm a gift and it's not my bother
if you fail to recognize my worth!


I’m a rebel at heart;
compassionate and warm...
I close you in like
a storm and pull you
into me like
a whirlwind...
I appear chaotic and
at times anarchic too!
not once without a smile
or ready to shed a tear at
any form of misery;
I’m morning hymn and
a distant melody heard
through a thick dark night—
I’m myself; a woman!


It took me several decades
of childhood, youth and middle age...
note this my sister,
man's way to vagina needn't be
invested with love;
a caress can also be a soft rape
the words of love crooned
are preamble to a rape of sorts-
show me a man who understands
the heart and mind of a woman?
show me a man who, nurtured at
the mother's breast, doesn't look
at breasts beyond lust...
I may have a frail heart
but I’m forever tough
and flexible to accommodate
as much as my womb is...
made of softest of the softest
my feminity lends me toughness
that no man can ever conceive...

I learnt to celebrate my supremacy
over your fragile masculinity...

Dr. Indira Babbellapati, is a widely published poet and translator. She has five published poetry collections to her credit and has translated into English all genres of Telugu literature except drama. To name a few, Night of Nectar (Tilak's Amritam  kurisina raatri) for the Sahitya Akademi, Asampoorna, the Incomplete, Into a Crowded Aloneness, (originally in Telugu by Raamaa Chandramouli) are some of her poetry anthologies in translation. Her Own Way, a book of Sahitya Akademi award winning short stories (by Abburi Chaya Devi in Telugu) is under publication with the Sahitya Akademi. Besides, she has also contributed to ‘Gold Nuggets’, the Sahitya Akademi's publication. Journal of literature and Aesthetics, special issue on Translation carries her translation of Allam Seshagirirao’s Prince Hemmingway. Some of her poems have been published in Postcolonial Discourse, an online literary journal from Canada. Indira's poetry can be accessed on many online poetry portals. Dr. Indira Babbellapati may be reached at drbindira@gmail.com.

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  1. Wow, Indira! What a novel way of looking at the woman's tears, when you strikingly say: "whoever said | tears make | a woman weak | it's her way to | gain more strength..."! And how deep you have penetrated a man's psyche when you observe "a caress can also be a soft rape"! You are both sweet and (mildly) stinging.


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