Dr. Sigma G R, INDIA


Among familiar strangers
They walked in archetypal memory
Their senses dulled and became weaker
When destiny echoed with tantrums
They started to worship
Sun and fire
Hidden Yazidi identity made them insecure
He gazed to vibrant colours of distant mind.
And she
Searched for a piece of land
to drop her blues
And beaches were swallowed by sea
Roaming waves swept over her
And waves whispered
Give my Aylan Kurdi
He is unsafe in land
Are you safe?


In the laden age of insecurity
designed by fate
summer sky got
embroidered by sparkling colors,
Silver oaks stood straight,
in the shadow of dusk.
Birds flew to nest.
But everyone walked alone with everybody,
Lips remained bolted in silent space.
Her eyes glittered into
the far corner of crowded city,
and thirsty cameras
executed her.
She tried to climb
topless steps of hope
Tired world,
closed its clock tower.
She swam in a pool of blood
And he got lynched in ‘me too’.


Like a secret painting
She was the last picture of her.
Eventually he vanished.
He was far, very far.
Perplexed emotions in him,
distorted her silent picture.
His baffling doctrines
explored her female presence.
He kissed her last picture,
a picture of billion lies.
Interminable blues in her,
moulded her to suffocate in the
man-made prisons of different kinds.
They dreamt a dream, they had ever seen
and she flowed in the murky mysteries of *Gandaki
and he as **Shãlagrãma in water bed
Their journey to eternity
She smiled at her last picture
A womanly smile...

*Gandaki (also called Shãlagrãmi) is a river that courses through Nepal and is a tributary of the Indian Ganges. There is a mythological tale about Gandaki (daughter of a prostitute) and Shãlagrãma (an incarnation of the the Indian God Vishnu)

** Shãlagrãma or Shaligrama – stones found in the Gandaki riverbed, use of which in the worship of Vishnu, is  a well-known Hindu practice.

Dr. Sigma G.R., a widely published poet in various national and international arenas and having taught overseas, is currently an Asst Professor of English at NSS College for Women, Trivandrum, India. Besides being a poet and an article writer, she is also an editor, reviewer and advisory board member in five international Journals. She has contributed research articles in many books and is a resource person also. It could be noticed at first sight that her rich and thematically assorted poetry is characterized by ethical aspirations with an eloquent feminist, human and features of intimacy. She has authored three poetry books and co-authored one and co-edited one. A recipient of ‘Mirabhai Literary Award' from Organization of United Working Journalist Forum supported by Public Relations Department, Govt of Odisha on National Press Day-2016 and the Cochin Literary Fest Prize- 2019. She is a poet delegate in several prestigious National and international Poetry festivals

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