Juhi Gupte, INDIA


Diving in deep
Escaping the estuary
She leaned
On the littoral
Wiping off persona
with the towel of horizon
In the sacred sands

Reflection of her
Pulsating in
Salinity of the Sea
Entangled raven hair-locks
Murmuring moist lips
Bosom hooked in shells
And scaled turquoise tail

Words of wisdom
Learned in the
Kingdom of Marines
Safe from sharks
Familiar fins and gills
Shall not apply
Beyond the shore

‘Twas dreadfully tough
Quitting the quilt
Of waves
Her coronet, but,
is in the reign of mountains
where “awakening” echoes
In rhythm of her soul

Picked up convoluted conch
in nimble fingers
Caressing it against
Bronze cheeks
Bugling it loud
Told the sunrise
Surreal choice

Heavens are chanting
To bestow upon
the truest wish
to stand on her feet
Pave purpose of life
And she, now, no longer
would be a Mermaid


Mom, sister, wife and daughter
Have portrayed as a role
Chased the calm charisma
Will they love you as a soul?

Appeased with offerings
Caged as a muse to woo
Chiseled stone into “goddess”
Do they see the one in you?

Butchered daring dreams
Blindfolded you with norms
Dreaded by the resurgence
Would they trigger the storm?

Praises are a vicious trap
Momentary and mortal
Habitual to dormant lava
Can they sustain your bugle?

Realize the “person” sheathed,
“They” are bound to value
A foot ahead is your goal
Thrive in; just “be you”


Some set records, some got rewards
between loud sounds of cheers
I was a last row spectator;
I confess!!

Proud smiles of winning faces,
Low sighs to keep one human
Aloof from everything;
I had a sighing smile
I confess!!!

Mountains have raised brows
Clouds are conspiring to burst
Will the winds like my little wings??
I am scared;
I confess!!

Mail-box is full of friendly texts
And care waits for me at home
Still solitude is my akin
I confess!!

Past survived the tussle
Tomorrow is sure of resurgence
Neither a “Princess” nor a “Queen”
I am what I am

I confess...

Juhi Gupte is a literal bibiliophile. She loves to ink her thoughts in English, Hindi and Marathi. Professionally, she is HR evangelist working in an IT MNC. Poetry has been her passion since childhood.

She is constantly striving to work on lost forms of poesy to be brought to today's readers. Her poems are published and recognised in several international anthologies. She is a volunteer Indian Sign Language Interpreter trying to bridge the gap between the deaf and the hearing world.


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