Jyotirmaya Thakur, INDIA


The tempest of trials destroy your existence,
Gather straw and make roof in persistence,
Be not a victim but a heroine of Inspiration,
Not a clipped lady,a fierce Eve in assertion.

Let not anyone rob you of rightful freedom.
Realise your inherent powers,manifold wisdom,
Down the years burnt alive to ashes in distortion,
Rise like a brave queen to protect your kingdom.

Be a miracle of hope in any circumstance,
Walk with strength and faith of affection,
Don't get disturbed or desolate in deception,
Shine in your silent prayers of acceptance.

Fallen angels of Heaven keep your grace,
Breathing love in life with a smiling face,
A visionary without doubt ending in solace,
Run ahead breaking barriers in life's race.

Walk fearless cutting doors in stone walls,
Like a Titan soar above after every fall,
Shatter glasses of injustice standing tall,
The best version of humanity serving all.


A wise woman on her pure strength relies,
When frustrated and enfeebled laughs besides,
She carries her ego as a refugee ostracized,
Not self-effacing but humility personified.

She knows when to persist and when to let go,
When to harvest the crop and when seeds to sow,
When to speak and when to silently stop the show,
She sketches a fine line for dignity and more.

She inspires others with examples to be brave,
Being a force of constructive change to save,
Willing to admit when she doesn't know,
She is able to draw boundaries releasing the flow.

A freedom to choose not to build walls,
Conserve and sustain crumbling falls,
She believes in true giving and receive all,
Releasing the past in adversity stand tall.

A beginner's mind with an inner child displays,
Uninhibited and authentic self-expression says,
A sensual femininity resides in her body stays,
Caring mind and spirit,balanced well-being sprays.

Being a free woman doesn't need escape routes,
Refrain from building prisons but true to roots,
Divine guidance and love source her essence,
In tune with her heart, soul healing trancendence.


A true woman follows her own footprints,
At times it feels too radical to let go of things,
Her authority resides firmly inside her womb,
A sacred body temple in impeccable bloom.

A woman is celebration of God's perfection ,
She is a wondrous prayer of divine creation,
Rising in special power on strength her own,
Every woman is unique and a beautiful soul.

She is the soul of Earth rewinding, rebuilding.
She is beyond borders of united awakening ,
Conscious compassionate heart of humanity,
She is spinning the thread of her own destiny.

She is a queen standing tall in her might,
Radiating forth the central Sun in full light,
The seed of energy on the globe she sows,
As a candle lights thousands of others in one go.

High as mountains resides her spiritual frame,
The stream of consciousness flows in main,
Reaching out her arms till heaven's domain,
Barriers fall apart as she moves on her trail.

She is the highest call of truth on Earth ,
A gift of grace illuminated in wise worth,
Deep ancient love inherent from birth ,
Goddess of fertility,future of the Universe.

Jyotirmaya Thakur, author of twelve original Poetry books, is the first Indian born poetess to be published by Real Vision Aspirant Writers Publication, UK. An award winning author and poet, she has served as a Vice -Principal (retired) of an International school in India, an editor, reviewer, researcher, columnist, public speaker, Reiki Master, Spiritual and social activist. She is currently Project Head and Chief editor of East India for Impish Lass Publication. She is the President of Prose Poetry Writers Group of -ARCS- magazine,National Director of Public Relations and Communications of Union Hispano Mundial de Escritores, Peru, in India, Chief Counsellor of Telangana Poetry Forum and an executive member of the educational magazine LITERATI and a columnist. She is a member of Wolf International Poetry Exhibition group of UK, where her poems are exhibited in various art galleries, Literary clubs and public places.

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