Soumya Mohanty Vilekar, INDIA


I’m the wings
Got which clipped when I tried to fly high
I’m the leg,
chained while I walked on my path
I’m the hands,
Tied with ropes while my brush painted new dreams
I’m the eyes,
Blindfolded, whence I saw strange hands groping
I’m the lips,
Sealed and shut tightly, when I uttered truth.
I’m the voice
Struggled which inside, silenced for years
trying to find its way
I’m a girl
unborn, innocent and harmless
yet killed
before I even saw the world
supposedly by my creators.


You may write me down in history
On pages white with colourful assumptions
Yet I will not abhor or err
Neither scream or yell
But paint in true words my nomenclature

You can be anyone
that bogs me down
While I try to soar high
in clear clouds of azure;
my flight is destined
and I have the courage to flap
in rough winds
growing my wings stronger

Like an exquisite artist’s expression
Polished and cut by edges
Thousand times ever
I shall glow as a jewel
even when lost in gravels of nature
You may write me down in history
I will still shine in dust with the golden splendor.


I was, I am , I will be
The unspoken manifestation
The untiring expression
The vibrating thoughts in zephyr
The lingering fragrance of flowers in nature
The ink of poignant verse
The pulse of distant rhythm
The song of love
The shimmer of sprawling stars of heaven
The walk beside rivers
The majesty of Himalayas
The whiteness of moon
The darkness of kohl to define profundity of ocean
The companion of your travel
The pole star of navigation
The music of silence
The soul of your existence
I was, I am, I will be forever
Here, there, everywhere
Near, Far , Away,
In different worlds, realms, plains, levels, universe
Yet invisibly tied perpetual...
Whether you know, know not
Accept or not,
Fear or Ignore
Walk away or Embrace
The destiny is thus carved in creation

Soumya Mohanty Vilekar is a writer, poet, blogger, author & a business consultant in the entertainment industry. Soumya’spoetry blog is badged as one of the top 10 socially active poetry blogs of India by Baggout, a national portal. Having her works published in many National & International poetic anthologies, she has penned more than two thousand poems, besides having four poetry collections to her credit. Her poems have been featured in several reputed national and international literary journals, e-zines, print magazines and anthologies. She is a recipient of the Literary Excellence Award for Poetry at the 6th Asiad Literature Award Festival and has also been conferred the “SAHITYASHREE” Award by KAFLA INTERCONTINENTAL for her contribution to poetry.  A Vocal Contributor and a Digital Changemaker at WORLDPULSE, a global platform connecting more than 50,000 women across 190 nations for women empowerment, she also holds a joint patent in field of metal powders.

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